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Iowa State University

Iowa State University

cow and calf

Advancing Dairy Cattle Genetics: Genomics and Beyond
February 17 - 19, 2014


Feeding the World's Population
Dr. Gregg BeVier, Sexing Technologies, Texas

Genetics of Health Traits
Dr. Chad Dechow, Penn State

Selection for Improved Immune Response
Dr. Bonnie Mallard, University of Guelph

Evaluation of Hoof Health Traits
Dr. Gerald Cramer, Univerity of Minnesota

Improvement of Feed Efficiency
Dr. Mike VandeHaar, Michigan State University

Lessons from Other Industries
Dr. Archie Clutter, University of Nebraska

Research in the Academic Environment
Dr. Kent Weigel, University of Wisconsin

Current Status of Training in Dairy Genetics
Dr. Les Hansen, University of Minnesota

Staffing Needs in AI Organizations and Breed Associations
Mr. Chuck Sattler, Select Sires

Impact of Genomics on Genetic Improvement
Dr. Paul VanRaden, USDA-AIPL

Economic Impact of Genomics on Dairy Farms
Dr. Albert DeVries, University of Florida

Managing Genetic Diversity and Inbreeding
Dr. Filippo Miglior, Canadian Dairy Network

Novel Applications for Genomic Data
Dr. Jennie Pryce, Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Australia