Birds @ Iowa State


Parrots and Budgies: 

Online Book of Parrots This site has every single species of parrots and pictures and information on each species. Once you get past the scientific terms there's great information on each type of bird.

American Budgerigar Society A parakeet directory with a great deal of useful information on budgie care.

H & D Budgerigar and Cage Bird Society Parakeet Page Info on keeping parakeets as well as pictures and genetics.


H & D Budgerigar and Cage Bird society Canary Page Info on canary keeping with pictures and breed descriptions
Finch World Information and pictures of the major finch species and groups.

Other Exotic Birds:

Belgium Lory Society(This is in english)Here's a site for the little known lories which are kept as pets too. What's a lory?

The Mynah Bird Homepage A nice site with articles, feeding and breeding tips, sound clips and pictures.

African lovebird Society Site with information on the major species of lovebirds

American Cockatiel Association Care of Cockatiels and breed standards plus pictures.

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