Rabbits'N Rodents @IowaState

Here are some links that are helpful in your search for knowledge about your little furry friends.


House Rabbit Society Primarily an adoption site , this site has breed descriptions, care, behavior, and links. This page has links to other various rabbit links all over the internet.


Gerbil Information Page A comprehensive Gerbil information and care site. Really nice.



HamsterLand Extensive coverage of care. Lots of pictures. Easy to find things.

The Hamster Site A commercial site that has good information but it's difficult to find. Covers many pets.



WWW Ferret Page A resource providing tips on care, feeding, and housing for ferrets, as well as ferret history.

Ferret Net A helpful list of ferret information and product links

Guinea Pigs:

Ontario Cavy Club A really good site with information on care, feeding and breeds of guinea pigs.

American Cavy Breeders Association Guinea Pig articles, showing information, and breed associations.

Cavy Net A really nice care and breeding site that is easy to maneuver with in and doesn't require a subscription.

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