Fish @ Iowa State

Aquarium Net Magazine An online fish and aquarium keeping magazine that has accessible archives of articles and images

FINS Fish Information ServiceGreat site with lots of information on aquarium setup, fish breeds, and lots of pictures.

Cichlid Room Companion A really nice type specific site with lots of info, articles and pictures on cichlids.

American Killifish Association another breed site with specific information on the killiefish hobby great pictures and furthur links.

Ichthyology Resources a list of fish biology resources on all topics includsing reproduction and disease sponsored by Cornell.

The Discus Fish PageInformation on the discus fish family including links, articles and pictures

Waikiki Aquarium An aquarium with virtual tours and information on marine and freshwater animals

The FishwebA huge listing of fish links on any topic imaginable.

Captive Seaa site devoted to the saltwater aquarium hobby. Information on types of fish to get, setup and where to find the right equipment.

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