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Iowa State University

Iowa State University
Picture of James S.Dickson
James S. Dickson
Iowa State University
215F Meat Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011-3150
Phone: 515-294-4733
Fax:     515-294-5066

Clemson University Microbiology BS 1977
University of Georgia Dairy Science MS 1980
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Science and Technology PhD 1984

1993 - Present
Iowa State University
- Professor, Department of Animal Science, 2003 - present
- Professor and Chair, Department of Microbiology, 1998-2003
- Interim co-Department Executive Officer, Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Preventive Medicine, 1997-98
- Associate Professor (tenured), Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Preventive Medicine, 1993-97
- Courtesy Appointment in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

1987 - 1993:
- US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Research Food Technologist and Lead Scientist, RLHUSMARC, Clay Center, Nebraska

1985 - 1987:
- Tony's Pizza Service, division of Schwan Sales Enterprises, Microbiologist, Salina, KS
- Adjunct Appointment, Marymount College, Salina, KS (1986)

1984 - 1985:
- Radiation Technology, Inc., Manager, Food Irradiation Applications, Rockaway, NJ

2000: Team Award (ISU College of Agriculture)

Dr. Dickson has developed a predictive model to estimate the growth of salmonellae during the cooling of beef carcasses. This model was used during an evaluation of proposed USDA regulations, to determine the relative probability of salmonellae growth under a variety of cooling conditions. Dr. Dickson's studies of bacterial attachment, carcass washing and sanitizing have been applied to animal processing environments, resulting in the development of an inexpensive, technology neutral process which is very effective in controlling enteric pathogens on animal carcasses. Dr. Dickson has been involved in a variety of training courses, including hosting four International Atomic Energy Agency training fellowships in his laboratory, and teaching the principles of meat microbiology and HACCP to food industry audiences in Japan. He also traveled to the People's Republic of China and Singapore, evaluating meat processing systems. Dr. Dickson served on the National Academy of Science's panel on review of the use of scientific criteria and performance standards for safe food, where he served as chair of the Meat and Poultry sub-committee.

Professional Affiliations and Committees
Past President, International Association for Food Protection.
Fellow in the American Academy of Microbiology, elected 1994.
Member, Phi Kappa Phi (national honor society), elected 1980.
Member, Phi Zeta (Veterinary honor society), elected 1997.
Member, Phi Tau Sigma (honor society of Food Science and Technology), elected 1981.
Member, Gamma Sigma Delta (honor society of agriculture), elected 1979.
Certificate of Merit, from USDA, for outstanding research contributions to FSIS and Industry Needs in Food Safety, 1989.
Certificate of Merit, from USDA, for outstanding performance in research, 1990.
Certificate of Merit, from USDA, for research contributions to support the beef industry and USDA's action agencies, 1991.
Outstanding Performance Award, from USDA, 1992.
College of Agriculture Team Award (with J. Cordray and L. Mayberry), 2000.

Selected Publications

Foong, S.C.C., G.L. Gonzalez and J.S. Dickson. 2003. Reduction and Survival of Listeria monocytogenes in Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Meats After Irradiation. J. Food Protection (accepted 17 August 2003).

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Method for reducing contamination of animal carcasses during slaughtering. US Patent Application # 09/349,056; filed 2 December 1994; allowed 12 December 1995; issued 28 May 1996 as patent number 5,520,575.

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