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Iowa State University

Iowa State University
Picture of AnnaJohnson
Anna Johnson
Associate Professor
Animal Behavior and Well-being Research,
Iowa State University
2356F Kildee Hall
Ames, IA 50011-3150
Phone: 515-294-2098
Fax:     515-294-4471
Scholar Platform
Research Gate

Doctor of Philosophy, Texas Tech University; 2001
Master of Science, University of Edinburgh; 1997
Bachelor of Science, The University of Reading; 1995

Domestic Animal Behavior and Well-Being An S 336
Topics in animal behavior, welfare and contemporary issues in animal behavior and welfare AnS 537

Dr. Johnson's research interests are in the area of farm animal behavior and welfare in both conventional and alternative production systems.

Professional Affiliations and Committees
American Association of Swine Veterinarians
American Society of Animal Science
International Society of Applied Ethology

Selected Publications
Peer Reviewed Papers
Johnson, A. K., S. M. Lonergan W. D. Busby, S. C. Shouse, D. L Maxwell, J. D. Harmon, and M. S. Honeyman. 2011. Comparison of steer behavior and temperament when housed in a deep bedded hoop barn versus an open feedlot with shelter. Accepted to Journal of Animal Science; jas.2010-2877v1-20102877.

Sun, G., R. F. Fitzgerald, S. J. Hoff, L. A. Karriker, A. K. Johnson, and K. J. Stalder. 2011. Development of an embedded microcomputer-based force plate system for measuring sow weight distribution. Accepted to Transactions of the American Society of Applied Biological Engineers.

Gesing, L. M., A. K. Johnson, J. T. Selsby, S. Abrams, H. Hill, A. Whiley, M. Faga., R. Bailey, K. J. Stalder, and M. J. Ritter. 2011. Effects of grow-finish group size on stress responses at loading and unloading and the impact on transport losses from market weight pigs. Accepted to The Professional Animal Scientist.

Cutler, S. A., S. M. Lonergan, N. Cornick, A. K. Johnson, and C. H. Stahl. 2007. Dietary inclusion of Colicin E1 is effective in preventing Escherichia coli F18 caused post-weaning diarrhea in weanling pigs. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 51:3830-3835.

Johnson, A. K., J. L. Morrow, J. W. Dailey, and J. J. McGlone. 2007. Pre-weaning mortality in loose housed lactating sows: Behavioral and performance differences between sows who crush or do not crush piglets. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 105:59-74. .

Fitzgerald, R., K. Stalder, L. Karriker, C. Johnson, L. Layman, and A. K. Johnson. 2008. Developing and utilizing visual tools to assist pork producers in employee training in the evaluation of sow body condition. Journal of Extension. 46:2. .

Stalder, K. J., D. Miller, C. Johnson, M. Boggess, L. Karriker, and A. K. Johnson. 2008. Cooperative effort leads to the development of tools to assist pork producers in evaluating structural soundness of replacement gilts. Journal of Extension. 46;4.

Johnson, A. K., F. M. Mitloehner, J. L. Morrow, and J. J. McGlone. 2008. Heat stress in the outdoor lactating sow: Influence of shaded wallows in behavior, performance and physiology. Journal of Animal Science. 86:3628–3634.

Johnson, A. K., L. J. Sadler, K. J. Stalder, and W. Powers. 2008. Influence of corn co-products on the behavioral repertoire of grow-finish pigs. ACTA- Agriculture Scandinavian Part A. Animal Science. 58: 209-213.

Johnson, A. K. 2008. Farm Animal Behavior and Welfare: the past, the future and how can ASAS play an integral role? Journal of Animal Science. 2009. 87:2175–2179.

Jackson, C. J., L. A. Karriker, K. J. Stalder, and A. K. Johnson. 2009. Alterations in the length of time and number of visits to a nipple cup drinker by seven week old pigs after water has been restored. Journal of Swine Health and Production: March–April. 76-80. Impact factor 0.50 (ranking 73/133; Veterinary Science).

Fitzgerald, R. F., K. J. Stalder, J. O. Matthews, C. M. Schultz Kaster, and A. K. Johnson. 2009. Factors increasing fatigued, injured, and dead pig frequency during transport and lairage at a commercial abattoir. Journal of Animal Science. 87:1156–1166.

Johnson, A. K., J. R. Garvey, L. J. Sadler, J. L. Morrow, K. J. Stalder, and J. J. McGlone. 2009. Pre-weaning mortality in loose-housed suckling piglets: Behavioral differences between piglets in litters whose co-specifics are killed or not killed in the first 72 hours after parturition. Acta Agriculturae Scandavian Section A. Animal Science. 59: 53-58.

Meiszberg, A. M., A. K. Johnson, L. J. Sadler, J. A. Carroll, J. W. Dailey, and N. Krebs. 2009. Drinking behavior in nursery pigs: determining the accuracy between an automatic water meter versus human observers. Journal of Animal Science 87:4173–4180. Impact factor 2.47 (ranking 1/49; Agriculture, Dairy and Animal Science).

Ritter, M. J., M. Ellis, N. L. Berry, S. E. Curtis, L. Anil, M. Benjamin, E. Berg, D. Butler, C. Dewey, B. Driessen, P. DuBois, J. Hill, J. Marchant-Forde, P. Matzat, J. McGlone, P. Mormède, T. Moyer, K. Pfalzgraf, J. Salak-Johnson, M. Siemens, J. Sterle, C. Stull, T. Whiting, B. Wolter, S. R. Niekamp, and A. K. Johnson.. 2009. Transport losses in market weight pigs: Definitions, incidence and economic impact. Professional Animal Scientist 2 5:404–414.

Johnson, A. K., L. J. Sadler, L. M. Gesing, C. Feuerbach, H. Hill, M. Faga, R. Bailey, K. J. Stalder, and M. J. Ritter. 2010. Effects of facility design on the stress responses of market weight pigs during loading and unloading. Professional Animal Scientist 2:9-17.

Berry, N., A. K. Johnson, S. M. Lonergan, T. Baas, J. Hill, C. Schultz-Kaster, J. Matthews, L Karriker and K. Stalder. 2010. Loading gantry versus traditional chute: Effect on fresh pork loin quality attributes when properly loaded. FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International. No. 1. 60-63. .

Elmore, M. R., A. K. Johnson, B. T. Richert, J. P. Garner, and E. A. Pajor. 2010. A flooring comparison: The impact of rubber mats on the behavior and welfare group housed sows at breeding. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 123:7-15.

Honeyman, M. S., W. D. Busby, S. M. Lonergan, A. K. Johnson, D. L. Maxwell, J. D. Harmon, and C. Shouse. 2010. Performance of beef cattle in bedded hoop barns. Journal of Animal Science. 88:2797-2801.

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters
Gentry, J. G., A. K. Johnson, and J. J. McGlone. 2008. The welfare of growing-finishing pigs. In: (Ed. L. Faucitano and A. L. Schaefer). Welfare of pigs from birth to slaughter. Pp 133 to 161. Wageningen Academic. ISBN-13; 978-90-8686-066-1. Library of Congress Control Number: 2008933377.

Johnson, A. K., and J. N. Marchant-Forde. 2009. Welfare of pigs in the farrowing environment. In: (Ed. J. N. Marchant-Forde). The Welfare of Pigs. Pp 141-188. Springer Science + Business Media B.V., Dordrecht. The Netherlands. ISBN: 978-1-4020-8908-4 e-ISBN: 978-1-4020-8909.