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Iowa State University

Iowa State University
Picture of Leo L.Timms
Leo L. Timms
Iowa State University
123 Kildee Hall
Ames, IA 50011-3150
Phone: 515-294-4522
Fax:     515-294-2393

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin: 1984
Master of Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison: 1982
Bachelor of Science, Cornell University: 1978

2005: West Agro, Inc Award for research on mastitis (American Dairy Science Association)
2004: Award for Achievement by an Organizational Team (ISU Extension)
2002: Gamma Sigma Delta Mission - Extension Award
2001: ADSA Innovation in Dairy Research Award
1999: Ralph Keeling State Dairy Award

Dr. Timm's teaching responsibilities include veterinary science production medicine

Dr. Timm's research areas include applied research in lactation and reproductive physiology and management.

Extension Dairy Specialist: Lactation and reproductive physiology and management, mastitis, housing and facilities.

Professional Affiliations
National Mastitis Council, board of directors and other committees; National Dairy Database (milk quality), editor; National Dairy Extension Quality Assurance Committee

Selected Publications

Timms, L.L., P.M. Sears, and J.K. Reneau. 1996. Using total quality management (TQM) to develop rational mastitis treatment decisions. Midwest Dairy Management Conference Proc.:146.

Timms, L.L. 1996. Milking management. NCR Publication 593:35.

Dietz, A.B., N.D. Cohen, L.L. Timms, and M.E. Kehrli. 1996. BoLA class II allelles as risk factosr for high somatic cell counts in lactating dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 79:accepted.

Faust, M.A., and L.L. Timms. 1995. Estimates of variability for somatic cell measurements in the Iowa dairy industry. J. Dairy Sci. 78:546.

Timms, L.L. et al. 1995. ISU Dairy Report.