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Iowa State University

Iowa State University
Picture of Susan J.Lamont
Susan J. Lamont
Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor
Iowa State University
2255 Kildee Hall
Ames, IA 50011-3150
Phone: 515-294-4100
Fax:     515-294-2401

Trinity Christian College, BS: 1975
University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago PhD: 1980

2011: Distinguished Service to Agriculture (Gamma Sigma Delta, ISU Chapter)
2009: Fellow (Poultry Science Association)
2009: Embrex Fundamental Science Award (Poultry Science Association)
2007: Merck Award for Acheivement (Poultry Science Assoication)
2007: Rossmann Manatt Faculty Development Award (College of Agriculture)
2005: Outstanding Service Award (Midwest Poultry Association)
2004: Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture (ISU Administration)
2004: Mission Award for Research (Gamma Sigma Delta)
2003: Helene Cecil Leadership Award (Poultry Science Association)
2001: Regents Award for Faculty Excellence (Regents, State of Iowa)
1999: Outstanding Achievement in Research Award (ISU Foundation)

Dr. Lamont instructs courses in genetic regulation of livestock immunology and applied poultry and swine breeding and genetics. She also serves as a graduate faculty member in the graduate major programs of animal breeding and genetics, bioinformatics and computational biology, genetics, and immunobiology.

Dr. Lamont's area of research is molecular genetics and immunogenetics of poultry, including the identification of molecular markers and genes controlling bacterial resistance, antibody kinetics, growth, body composition, skeletal integrity and other biological traits; physiological genetics; gene expression; and the major histocompatibility complex genes.

Professional Affiliations and Committees
Poultry Science Association
Associate Editor, Poultry Science American Association of Immunologists
World's Poultry Science Association
Editorial Board, Animal Biotechnology Associate Editor, Journal of Heredity
Editorial Advisory Board, Poultry and Avian Biology Reviews
International Society for Animal Genetics

Selected Publications
Refereed journal papers:
Jia, X., Nie, Q., Lamont, S.J., Zhang, X. 2011/2012. Variation in sequence and expression of the avian FTO, and association with glucose metabolism, body weight, fatness and body composition in chickens. J. Obesity (in press)

Chuammitri, P., Redmond, S. B., Kimura, K., Andreasen, C. B., Lamont, S.J., and Palić, D. 2011. Heterophil functional responses to dietary immunomodulators vary in genetically distinct chicken lines. Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol, doi:10.1016/j.vetimm.2011.05.019

Ciraci, C., and Lamont, S.J., 2011. Avian-specific TLRs and downstream effector responses to CpG-induction in chicken macrophages. Dev. Comp. Immunol. 35: 392–398.

Coble, D. J., Redmond, S.B., Hale, B., and Lamont, S.J. 2011. Distinct lines of chickens express different splenic cytokine profiles in response to Salmonella enteritidis challenge. Poultry Sci. 90:1659–1663.

Kumar, S., Ciraci, C., Redmond, S., B., Chuammitri, P., Andreasen, C., B., Palić, D., and Lamont, S.J. 2011. Immune response gene expression in spleens of diverse chicken lines fed dietary immunomodulators. Poultry Sci. 90:1009–1013.

Redmond, S.B., Chuammitri, P., Andreasen, C. B., Palic, D., Lamont, S.J. 2011. Genetic control of chicken heterophil function in advanced intercross lines: associations with novel and with known Salmonella resistance loci and a likely mechanism for cell death in extracellular trap production. Immunogenetics 63: 449-458. DOI 10.1007/s00251-011-0523-y

Redmond, S.B., Chuammitri, P., Andreasen, C. B., Palic, D., Lamont, S.J. 2011. Proportion of circulating chicken heterophils and CXCLi2 expression in response to Salmonella enteritidis are affected by genetic line and immune modulating diet. Vet. Immunol. Immunopath. 140: 323-328.

Sandford, E.E., Orr, M., Balfanz, E., Bowerman, N., Xianyao Li, X., Zhou, H., Johnson, T.J., Kariyawasam, S., Liu, P., Nolan, L.K., and Lamont, S.J. 2011. Spleen transcriptome response to infection with avian pathogenic Escherichia coli in broiler chickens. BMC Genomics 12:469-481.

Sunkara, L.T., Achanta, M., Schreiber, N.B., Bommineni, Y.R., Dai, G., Jiang, W., Lamont, S.J., Lillehoj, H.S., Beker, A., Teeter, R.G., and Zhang, G. 2011. Butyrate enhances disease resistance of chickens by inducing antimicrobial host defense peptide gene expression. PLoS ONE 6(11): e27225. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0027225

Wolc, A., Stricker, C., Arango, J., Settar, P., Fulton, J.E., O’ Sullivan, N.P., Habier, D., Fernando, R., Garrick, D.J., Lamont, S.J., and Dekkers, J.C.M. 2011. Breeding value prediction for production traits in layers using pedigree or genomic relationships in a reduced animal model. Genet. Select. Evol. 43:5-13.

Ciraci, C., Tuggle, C.K., Wannemuehler, M.J., Nettleton, D., and Lamont, S.J., 2010. Unique genome-wide transcription profiles of chicken macrophages exposed to Salmonella-derived endotoxin. BMC Genomics 11:545-555.

Peiris, L., Ralph, J., Lamont, S.J. and Dekkers, J.C. 2010. Predicting allele frequencies in DNA pools using high density SNP genotyping data. Animal Genetics 18 May 2010 epub ahead of print.

Redmond, S.B., Tell, R.M., Coble, D., Mueller, C., Palic, D., Andreasen, C.B., and Lamont, S.J.. 2010. Differential splenic cytokine responses to dietary immune modulation by diverse chicken lines. Poultry Sci. 89: 1635-1641.

van den Berg, B.H.J., McCarthy, F.M., Lamont, S.J., and Burgess, S.C. 2010. Re-annotation is an essential step in systems biology modeling of functional genomics data. PloS One 5:e10642. Published online 2010 May 14. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010642

Presentations Published in Symposium Proceedings
Lamont, S. J. 2010. Genetics of Disease Resistance. In: Estany J, Nogaredo C, and Rothschild M. (eds): Adapting Animal Production to Changes for a Growing Human Population. International Conference, Lleida, Spain, May 19-21, 2010, pp 83-92

Books and Chapters in Books:
Lamont, S.J., 2010. Salmonella in chickens. Pp. 213-231. In: Breeding for Disease Resistance in Farm Animals. S.C. Bishop, R.F.E. Axford, F.W. Nicholas, and J.B. Owen, Eds. CAB International

Reports (WEB-Accessible):
Animal Industry Reports at:

Balfanz, E., Sandford, E., Kaiser, M., G., and Lamont, S.J.. 2011. Differential Immunological Gene Expression after Escherichia coli Infection in Chickens, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report, 2011, A. S. Leaflet-R2618

Ciraci, C., Tuggle, C. K., Wannemuehler, M.J., Nettleton, D., Lamont, S.J. 2010. Kinetic profile of chicken macrophage immune response upon exposure to Salmonella-derived endotoxin. Iowa State University Animal Industry Report, 2010, A.S. Leaflet-R2481

Coble, D., Redmond, S.B., Hale, B., Lamont, S.J. 2010.The effect of Salmonella Enteritidis on immune genes in three different lines of chickens. Iowa State University Animal Industry Report, 2010, A.S. Leaflet-R2482

Kaiser, M.G., Beach, E., Ciraci, C., Lamont, S.J. 2010. Bacterial lipopolysaccharide and dietary natural source vitamin effects on broiler chick immune response. Iowa State University Animal Industry Report, 2010, A.S. Leaflet-R2480

Redmond, S.B., Tell, R., Coble, D., Mueller, C., Palic, D., Andreasen, C. B., Lamont, S.J. 2010. Genetic differences in chicken splenic immune gene expression in response to dietary immune modulation. Iowa State University Animal Industry Report, 2010, A.S. Leaflet-R2537

Sandford, E., Ciraci, C., Abasht, B., Dekkers, J.C.M., Lamont, S.J. 2010. SNPs in region of NF-kappa-B gene associated with expression of immune-related genes. Iowa State University Animal Industry Report, 2010, A.S. Leaflet-R2483

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