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Iowa State University

Iowa State University

The long term goal of the Applied Swine Nutrition Research Program is to develop an understanding of high priority nutrition and management issues, in order to create solutions and develop strategies that support greater economic success and improved long term sustainability of the pork industry.

Specifically, our focus is on energy metabolism and feed ingredient evaluation plus some general feeding management topics identified by the industry as important. As an applied nutrition program, our time line from initiation of a project through to industry adoption is 2 to 7 years in most instances; some more complex topics have longer time lines.

We are developing key collaborations both within and outside the field of nutrition, as many solutions require a multi-disciplinary approach. Wherever possible, the economic implications of our research outcomes are determined. The development of highly qualified personnel is also considered to be a key component of our program; students are trained at the M.S. and Ph.D. level.

The Applied Swine Nutrition Research Program is part of the much larger swine nutrition team at Iowa State University that includes Dr. Mike Spurlock, Dr. Nick Gabler, Dr. Mark Honeyman and Dr. Ken Stalder. This team is further strengthend by a close working relationship with Dr. Brian Kerr and Dr. Tom Weber at NSRIC, ARS, USDA located on the Iowa State University campus.