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Iowa State University

Iowa State University
Table of Contents


Animals and their System
1. General
2. Animal Genetics and Genomics
3. Nutrition/Management
4. Animal Health
Natural Resources and Environment/Engineering and Support Systems
Food Processing/Quality/Safety

Animals and their System
1) General

  • AS Leaflet-R1973 Update from Animal Science Teaching Section
  • AS Leaflet-R1974 Update from Dairy Science Curriculum
  • AS Leaflet-R2018 Effects of Cage Stocking Density on Feeding Behaviors of Group-Housed Laying Hens
  • AS Leaflet-R2032 The Effects of Finishing Environment and Stocking Density on Growth and Carcass Traits in Swine
  • AS Leaflet-R2046 Accuracy of Ultrasound Measures Relative to Carcass Measures of Body Composition in Sheep

2) Animal Genetics and Genomics

  • AS Leaflet-R2016 Genetic Line Differences in Cytokine mRNA Expression of Peripheral Blood Leukocytes Exposed to Salmonella enteritidis In-Vitro
  • AS Leaflet-R2017 Genes for Resistance to Salmonella in Poultry
  • AS Leaflet-R2020 Sequencing the Pig Genome
  • AS Leaflet-R2021 Molecular Markers Associated with Improved Yield and Quality of Dry-Cured Hams
  • AS Leaflet-R2022 A Quantitative Trait Loci Resource and Comparison Tool for Pigs: PigQTLDB
  • AS Leaflet-R2023 Using Molecular Marker Technology for Improvement in Sow Reproductive Longevity
  • AS Leaflet-R2024 Searching for Mutations in Pigs Using the Human Genome
  • AS Leaflet-R2026 Genetic Pathways to Environmentally Friendly Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2031 Effect of Piglet Birth Weight and Weaning Weight on Nursery Off-Test Weight
  • AS Leaflet-R2034 Detection and Characterization of Genes for Meat Quality in Pigs using Combined Line-cross and Half-sib Analysis
  • AS Leaflet-R2035 Joint Analysis of Two Breed Cross Populations for Genes Affecting Growth and Meat Quality in Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2036 Growth Comparison and Fecal Mineral Excretion of Inorganic and Organic Trace Mineral Supplementation in Swine
  • AS Leaflet-R2037 A Comparison of Six Maternal Genetic Lines for Sow Longevity
  • AS Leaflet-R2038 Genetics of Sow Longevity
  • AS Leaflet-R2041 Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression Essential to Energetic Efficiency in a Porcine Model of Obesity

3) Nutrition/Management

  • AS Leaflet-R1997 Impacts of Cattle Grazing Management on Sediment and Phosphorus Loads in Surface Waters
  • AS Leaflet-R1998 Effects of Stocking Rate and Corn Gluten Feed Supplementation on Bred Second-calf Heifers Grazing Stockpiled Tall Fescue-red Clover Pastures
  • AS Leaflet-R2000 Beef Cattle Feeding in a Deep Bedded Hoop Barn: A Preliminary Report
  • AS Leaflet-R2003 Research in Progress: On-Farm Storage of Ethanol Co-Products
  • AS Leaflet-R2004 Nutritional Modulation of the Proliferation and Activation of Blood Lymphocyte Subsets from Milk Replacer-Fed Calves
  • AS Leaflet-R2006 Response to Implants by Finishing Steers at the Time Changes were Made in Program-fed Supplemental Protein
  • AS Leaflet-R2007 Performance of Finishing Steers Program-fed Supplemental Protein to Reduce Overfeeding Protein
  • AS Leaflet-R2008 Performance of Finishing Steers at the Time the Source and Quantity of Protein are Changed in a Strategy Involving Program-fed Supplemental Protein
  • AS Leaflet-R2019 Dietary Spray-Dried Bovine Plasma Protein Improves Growth Performance and Breast-Meat Yield of Broilers Raised in a High-Antigen Environment
  • AS Leaflet-R2028 Alternative Winter Farrowing Demonstration Project: Two Year Summary
  • AS Leaflet-R2029 Farrow-to-Finish in a Hoop Barn: A Demonstration
  • AS Leaflet-R2030 Triticale-based Diets for Market Pigs in Deep-Bedded Hoop Barns: A Progress Report
  • AS Leaflet-R2033 Serial Scanning of Pigs in Bedded Hoop and Confinement Buildings During Summer and Winter for Growth, Loin Muscle Area, and Backfat: A Progress Report
  • AS Leaflet-R2039 Efficacy of Pantothenic Acid as a Modifier of Body Composition in a Porcine Model of Obesity Development
  • AS Leaflet-R2040 Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry for Determination of Body Composition in a Porcine Model of Obesity Development
  • AS Leaflet-R2044 Effect of a Non-antibiotic Feed Additive (Royal NutrazymeTM) on Nursery Pig Performance

4) Animal Health

  • AS Leaflet-R1975 Use of Bacteriophage Felix01, HL18 and HL03 to Reduce Salmonella enterica Typhimurium Burden in Mice
  • AS Leaflet-R1976 Effect of Different Adjuvants on PCV2-Associated Lesions
  • AS Leaflet-R1977 An Experimental Model for Porcine Circovirus Type 2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Co-infection
  • AS Leaflet-R1978 Lack of Reproduction of the Hallmark Porcine Circovirus Type 2-Associated Lesions in a Mouse Model
  • AS Leaflet-R1979 Postweaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome (PMWS) Surveillance Study
  • AS Leaflet-R1980 Molecular Characterization of Multidrug Resistant Salmonella Isolates From a Single Finisher Building for Determination of Horizontal Transmission of Resistance Genes
  • AS Leaflet-R1981 Routes of Transmission of Swine Hepatitis E Virus in Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R1982 Infection of Pigs with Avian Hepatitis E Virus (HEV)
  • AS Leaflet-R2025 Colicins as Antibiotic Alternatives for the Treatment and Prevention of Post-weaning Diarrhea and Edema Disease in Swine
  • AS Leaflet-R2027 Infectious Dose Determination of Acute Salmonella Infection in Swine

Natural Resources and Environment/Engineering and Support Systems

  • AS Leaflet-R2010 Dietary Manipulation to Reduce Ammonia Emission from High-Rise Layer Houses
  • AS Leaflet-R2011 Ammonia Emissions from Layer Houses
  • AS Leaflet-R2012 Performance of Single Point Monitor in Measuring Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulfide Gases
  • AS Leaflet-R2013 Indirect Measurement of Building Ventilation Rate for Manure-belt Laying Hen House Using CO2 Balance
  • AS Leaflet-R2014 Nitrogen Excretion and Ammonia Emissions from Pigs Fed Reduced Crude Protein Diets or Yucca Extract
  • AS Leaflet-R2015 Management Impacts on Ammonia Volatilization from Swine Manure
  • AS Leaflet-R2042 Nitrogen Carryover from Swine Manure
  • AS Leaflet-R2043 Swine Manure Utilization with N-Serve

Food Processing/Quality/Safety

  • AS Leaflet-R1983 Prevention of Pinking, Off-Odor, and Lipid Oxidation in Irradiated Pork Loin Using Double-Packaging
  • AS Leaflet-R1984 Temperature Abuse Affects the Quality of Irradiated Pork Loins
  • AS Leaflet-R1985 Sources and Mechanisms of Carbon Monoxide Production By Irradiation
  • AS Leaflet-R1986 Automated Dynamic Headspace/GC-MS Analyses Affects the Repeatability of Volatiles in Irradiated Turkey
  • AS Leaflet-R1987 Effects of Electron Beam Irradiation and Antimicrobials on the Volatiles, Color and Texture of Ready-to-Eat Turkey Breast Roll
  • AS Leaflet-R1988 The Effect of pH on -calpain Activity and Implications in Meat Tenderness
  • AS Leaflet-R1989 Processing Factors Affect Fresh Pork Color and Water Holding Capacity
  • AS Leaflet-R1990 Use of Organic Acid Salts to Control Listeria monocytogene on Processed Meats
  • AS Leaflet-R1991 Post-Packaging Irradiation Combined with Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Control of Bacterial Pathogens on Meat Products
  • AS Leaflet-R1992 Combining Pediocin (ALTATM 2341) with Thermal Pasteurization for Control of Listeria monocytogenes on Frankfurters
  • AS Leaflet-R1993 Pediocin for Control of Listeria monocytogenes on Frankfurters
  • AS Leaflet-R1994 Volatile Compounds Produced by Irradiation of Commercial Hams and Frankfurters
  • AS Leaflet-R1995 Combining Pediocin (ALTATM 2341) with Irradiation for Control of Listeria monocytogenes
  • AS Leaflet-R1996 Microbial Inhibitors Combined with Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Improved Control of Salmonella Typhimurium on Pork Products
  • AS Leaflet-R2005 Use of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 to Improve Tenderness of Beef
  • AS Leaflet-R2009 Association of Genetic Variation to Healthfulness of Beef