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Iowa State University

Iowa State University

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Animal Products
Companion Animal

Animal Products
  • AS Leaflet-R2051 Extension of Pork Sausage Shelf Life Using Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • AS Leaflet-R2052 Classification of Pork Loin Based on Lipid Composition to Predict Sensory and Textual Properties
  • AS Leaflet-R2053 Relationship of Pork Longissimus Muscle Fatty Acid Profile with Pork Loin Texture and Sensory Traits
  • AS Leaflet-R2054 Influence of High-Pressure Processing and Antioxidants on the Quality of Beef Patties
  • AS Leaflet-R2055 Use of 25-hydroxyvitamin D 3 and Dietary Calcium Manipulations to Improve Tenderness of Beef
  • AS Leaflet-R2056 Sensory Preferences of Consumers for High pH, Low pH Commodity Pork Loins and Berkshire Pork Loins

  • AS Leaflet-R2060 Non-Basin Technologies for Open Feedlot Runoff: Demonstration, Implementation and Modeling
  • AS Leaflet-R2061 Case Report – Myonecrosis in Feedlot Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2062 Immunogenetic Factors Affecting Infectious Bovine Keratoconjuntivitis (IBK)
  • AS Leaflet-R2064 Evaluating Several Media for the Recovery of Organisms Associated with Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis in Beef Calves
  • AS Leaflet-R2065 Effects of Stocking Rate and Corn Gluten Feed Supplementation on Performance of Two-year Cows Grazing Stockpiled Forage During Winter
  • AS Leaflet-R2066 Beef Cattle Feeding in a Deep Bedded Hoop Barn: A Preliminary Study
  • AS Leaflet-R2067 Finishing Beef Cattle on Grass Supplemented with Self-fed By-Products
  • AS Leaflet-R2068 Organic Beef Cattle Grazing Demonstration
  • AS Leaflet-R2069 Digestibility of Diets with Corn Grain and Urea Replaced with Corn Distillers Grains or Solubles
  • AS Leaflet-R2070 Effect of Disposition on Feedlot Gain and Quality Grade
  • AS Leaflet-R2071 A Comparison of Regular Fed vs. Long Fed Angus-Sired Heifers
  • AS Leaflet-R2072 The Accuracy of Real-Time Ultrasound Measurements for Body Composition Traits with Carcass Traits in Feedlot Heifers
  • AS Leaflet-R2073 Evaluation of Rumen Boluses as an Electronic Identification System for Cattle in an Automated Data Collection System
  • AS Leaflet-R2074 Management of Optaflexx® in Feedlots that Sort Cattle Prior to Market

Companion Animal
  • AS Leaflet-R2080 Soy Lecithin but not Egg Lecithin Decreased the Plasma Cholesterol Concentration in Golden Syrian Hamsters
  • AS Leaflet-R2081 Effects of Dietary Macronutrients on Appetite-related Hormones in Blood on Body Composition of Lean and Obese Rats

  • AS Leaflet-R2090 Acute Effects of Subcutaneous Injection of Glucagon and/or Oral Administration of Glycerol on Blood Metabolites and Hormones of Holstein Dairy Cows Affected with Fatty Liver Disease
  • AS Leaflet-R2091 Towards the Identification of Indicators for Metabolic Stress in Dairy Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2092 Northeast Iowa Community Based Dairy Foundation Pre-Weaned Calf Center: Design and First Year Results
  • AS Leaflet-R2093 New Storage Design for Sand-Laden Dairy Manure
  • AS Leaflet-R2094 Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation Grazing Center
  • AS Leaflet-R2095 Iowa New Farms Project
  • AS Leaflet-R2096 Iowa ’s 2.8% Coalition (Dairy)
  • AS Leaflet-R2097 Western Iowa Dairy Alliance (WIDA)
  • AS Leaflet-R2098 Increasing Dairy Base with Millionaire Model Dairy Farms
  • AS Leaflet-R2099 Evaluation of a Novel Winter Teat Dip Compared to Commercially Available Winter Dips to Enhance Teat Integrity during Winter
  • AS Leaflet-R2100 Dairy Free Stall Preference Study
  • AS Leaflet-R2101 Effect of Prepartum Intramammary Treatment with Pirlimycin Hydrochloride on Prevalence of Early First-lactation Mastitis
  • AS Leaflet-R2102 Use of the California Mastitis Test and an On-farm Culture System for Strategic Identification and Treatment of Fresh Cow Subclinical Intramammary Infections and Treatment of Clinical Mastitis
  • AS Leaflet-R2103 High-Growth Rate Fails to Enhance Adaptive Immune Responses in Neonatal Calves and Decreases Immune Cell Viability
  • AS Leaflet-R2104 Case Study of Prevention and Therapy Strategies for a High Somatic Cell Count Herd
  • AS Leaflet-R2105 Addressing an Acute Milk Quality Problem through a Strategic Targeted Management Team Approach
  • AS Leaflet-R2106 Iowa Dairy Farm Survey – 2005 (Preliminary Results)
  • AS Leaflet-R2107 Comparison of Mattresses or Sand Stall Surfaces on Postural Changes and Leg Health in a Tie Stall Barn
  • AS Leaflet-R2108 Iowa State University Dairy Farm – 2005 Review
  • AS Leaflet-R2109 Update on the New Iowa State University Dairy Science Education and Discovery Facility (Farm)

  • AS-Leaflet R2120 Concentration and Extraction of Phosphorous from Swine Manure Slurries (as Struvite)
  • AS Leaflet-R2121 Tyson Foods Air Pollutant Emission Monitoring
  • AS Leaflet-R2122 Effects of Grazing Management on Pasture Characteristics Affecting Sediment and Phosphorus Pollution of Pasture Streams (Progress Report)
  • AS Leaflet-R2123 Phosphorus Excretion of Feedlot Cattle Fed Diets Containing Corn or Distillers Coproducts
  • AS Leaflet-R2124 With Increasing Availability of Distillers Grains Will Phosphorus Be a Problem for Iowa Livestock Producers?

  • AS Leaflet-R2130 Gene Expression Associated With Virus Resistance in Chickens
  • AS Leaflet-R2131 Adding Fiber to the Diet of Laying Hens Reduces Ammonia Emission
  • AS Leaflet-R2132 Atrazine and the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in Sexually Maturing Precocial Birds
  • AS Leaflet-R2133 Quality Characteristics of Irradiated Turkey Breast Rolls Formulated with Plum Extract
  • AS Leaflet-R2134 Impact of Antimicrobial Ingredients and Irradiation on the Survival of Listeria monocytogenes and the Quality of Ready-to-Eat Turkey Ham
  • AS Leaflet-R2135 Update on Ammonia Emission Mitigation for Egg Facilities

  • AS Leaflet-R2140 Determining Preferred Methods of Detection and Genomic Fingerprinting for Mycoplasma ovipnemoniae
  • AS Leaflet-R2141 The Market for Goat Meat in Siouxland

  • AS Leaflet-R2150 Association of Liver X Receptor Alpha and Beta Genes with Carcass Lean and Fat Content in Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2151 Polydactyl Pigs: There’s More to the Story than Just Extra Toes
  • AS Leaflet-R2152 Creep Temperature Distributions of Incandescent Infrared Heat Lamps
  • AS Leaflet-R2153 Absorbency of Alternative Livestock Bedding Sources
  • AS Leaflet-R2154 Combining Crated Farrowing with Bedded Group Lactation
  • AS Leaflet-R2155 Comparison of Alternative Winter Farrowing Techniques on Four Niman Ranch Cooperating Farms in Southern Minnesota
  • AS Leaflet-R2156 Effects of Oregano Supplemented Diets on Nursery Pig Performance
  • AS Leaflet-R2157 Evaluating Growth, Loin Muscle Area, and Backfat Accretion during Summer and Winter for Finishing Pigs in Bedded Hoop and Confinement Buildings
  • AS Leaflet-R2158 Iowa's Changing Swine Industry
  • AS Leaflet-R2159 Effects of Triticale-Based Diets on Finishing Pig Performance and Pork Quality in Deep-Bedded Hoop Barns
  • AS Leaflet-R2160 Selection Lines for Residual Feed Intake in Yorkshire Swine
  • AS Leaflet-R2161 The Effect of Space Allocation in Hoop Structures on Swine Performance and Pork Quality
  • AS Leaflet-R2162 Effects of Finishing Pigs in Hoop Structures on Swine Performance, Pork Composition, and Pork Quality
  • AS Leaflet-R2163 Estimates of Additive and Dominance Genetic Effects for Sow Longevity
  • AS Leaflet-R2164 Consumer Preference, Attitude, and Acceptance of Pork
  • AS Leaflet-R2165Economics of Breeding, Gestating and Farrowing Hogs in “Natural Pork” Production; Financial Comparison
  • AS Leaflet-R2166 Work Environment, Job Satisfaction, Top Employees Work Interests
  • AS Leaflet-R2167 Employee Rosters Rise; Wages Continue To Climb
  • AS Leaflet-R2168 A Look at the Employment in the United States Swine Production Industry
  • AS Leaflet-R2169 Looking for a Job, Finding the Right Employee
  • AS Leaflet-R2170 Effect of Weaning Age on Nursery Pig Performance
  • AS Leaflet-R2171 Sow and Litter Performance for Individual Crate and Group Hoop Barn Gestation Housing Systems: Progress Report III
  • AS Leaflet-R2050 Development of a Model to Predict Intramuscular Fat in Live Pigs Using Real-Time Ultrasound
  • AS Leaflet-R2172 The Effect of Inorganic, Organic and No Trace Mineral Supplementation on Growth Performance, Fecal Excretion and Digestibility of Grow-Finish Swine
  • AS Leaflet-R2173 The Iowa and Danish Pork Industries: A Comparison