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Iowa State University

Iowa State University

Table of Contents


Animal Health
Animal Products
Companion Animal

Animal Health
  • AS Leaflet-R2174 Immunization of Swine with Virus-like Replicon Particles: Proof of Concept
  • AS Leaflet-R2175 Virus-like Replicon Particle Co-expression of PRRSV GP5 and M Proteins
  • AS Leaflet-R2176 Identification of Swine Salmonella serotypes Using Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis of Conserved Xba1 Fragments
  • AS Leaflet-R2177 Teaching Diagnostic Problem Solving: Principles Learned from Studies of the Diagnostic Pathfinder
  • AS Leaflet-R2178 Animal Disease Information and Prevention Materials Developed by the Center for Food Security and Public Health

Animal Products
  • AS Leaflet-R2179 Colicin E1 has High Antimicrobial Activity against Listeria Monocytogenes in Culture and on Packaged Ham
  • AS Leaflet-R2180 Post-Packaging Irradiation Combined with Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Control of Bacterial Pathogens on Meat Products
  • AS Leaflet-R2181 pH as a Predictor of Flavor, Juiciness, Tenderness and Texture in Pork from Pigs in a Niche Market System
  • AS Leaflet-R2182 Estimation of the Necessary Sample Size for Predicting Meat Quality Characteristics for Producers

  • AS Leaflet-R2183 Performance of Finishing Steers Fed Modified Wet Distillers Grains
  • AS Leaflet-R2184 Value of Modified Wet Distillers Grains in Cattle Diets without Corn
  • AS Leaflet-R2185 Supplementation of Co-products for Cow-Calf Grazing Systems – Progress Report
  • AS Leaflet-R2186 Distillers Dried Grains Supplementation of Fall-Calving Cows or Calves Grazing Stockpiled Forage during Winter
  • AS Leaflet-R2188 Use of Distillers Grains in Beef Cows Grazing Cornstalks-A Demonstration Project
  • AS Leaflet-R2189 Beef Cattle Feeding in a Deep-Bedded Hoop Barn: Year One
  • AS Leaflet-R2190 Angus Dwarfism: The Short Story about ISU’s Discovery of a Causal Mutation for Dwarfism in American Angus
  • AS Leaflet-R2191 Heritability Estimates for Fatty Acid Concentration in Angus Beef
  • AS Leaflet-R2192 Does the Graders Accuracy Explain the Increase in Called Yield Grades 4’s and 5’s?
  • AS Leaflet-R2193 A Historical Summary of Iowa 4H Beef Carcass Data – 1971-2005
  • AS Leaflet-R2194 Discovery of a Probiotic to Reduce the Risk of Lactic Acidosis in Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2195 Estimation of the Effects of Bovine Respiratory Disease Treatments through the Feedlot Phase and the Differences among Sires of Angus Cattle

Companion Animal
  • AS Leaflet-R2196 Determination of White Spotting in Dogs: An Investigation of Candidate Genes

  • AS Leaflet-R2197 Estimates of Genetic Parameters for Calving Performance from Designed Selection Studies
  • AS Leaflet-R2198 Modulation of Cytokine Gene Expression and Secretion during the Periparturient Period in Dairy Cows Naturally Infected with Mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis
  • AS Leaflet-R2199 Plane of Nutrition Affects Plasma Ghrelin Concentration in Neonatal Calves
  • AS Leaflet-R2200 Acute Effects of Postpartal Subcutaneous Injection of Glucagon and/or Oral Administration of Glycerol on Blood Metabolites and Hormones and Liver Lipids and Glycogen of Holstein Dairy Cows Induced with Fatty Liver Disease
  • AS Leaflet-R2201 Development of Methodologies to Reduce the DCAD of Hays for Transition Dairy Cows
  • AS Leaflet-R2202 Dealing with Sulfur Deficiency in Northeast Iowa Alfalfa Production
  • AS Leaflet-R2203 Characteristics of Separated Manure Solids following Anaerobic Digestion or after Composting for Dairy Free Stall Bedding Use
  • AS Leaflet-R2204 Prevalence of Subclinical Mastitis in Ghanaian Women Based on Elevated Sodium:Potassium Ratio

  • AS-Leaflet-R2205 Effect of Grazing Management on Cattle Distribution Patterns in Relation to Pasture Streams
  • AS Leaflet-R2206 Effects of Grazing Management on Forage Sward Height, Mass, and Nutrient Concentrations and the Proportions of Fecal Cover and Bare Soil in Pastures
  • AS Leaflet-R2207 Effects of Grazing Management on Selected Stream Bank Characteristics and Stream Bank Erosion
  • AS Leaflet-R2208 Characterization of Livestock Odors Using Steel Plates, Solid Phase Microextraction, and Multidimensional-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry
  • AS Leaflet-R2209 Characterization of Volatile Organic Compounds and Odors by in vivo Sampling of Beef Cattle Rumen Gas Using Solid Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry
  • AS-Leaflet-R2210 Characterization of Volatile Organic Compounds and Odorants Associated with Swine Barn Particulate Matter Using Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry
  • AS Leaflet-R2211 Simultaneous Chemical and Sensory Characterization of VOCs and Semi-VOCs Emitted from Swine Manure Using SPME and Multidimensional Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry
  • AS Leaflet-R2212 Evaluation of Zeolite for Control of Odorants Emissions from Simulated Poultry Manure Storage
  • AS Leaflet-R2213 Solid-Phase Microextraction as a Novel Air Sampling Technology for Improved, GC-Olfactometry-Based, Assessment of Livestock Odors

  • AS Leaflet-R2214 Nutrient Regulation of Plasma Ghrelin Concentration in Lean and Overweight Female Humans

  • AS Leaflet-R2215 Chicken Gallinacin Gene Cluster Associated with Salmonella Colonization in Two Advanced Intercross Lines
  • AS Leaflet-R2216 Chemokine mRNA Expression in the Cecum of Chicks Infected with Salmonella enteritidis
  • AS Leaflet-R2217 Genetically Distinct Chicken Crosses Differ in Splenic Salmonella Colonization and Cytokine RNA Expression
  • AS Leaflet-R2218 Genome-Wide Association Study of Fatness in Chickenswith Plum Extract
  • AS Leaflet-R2219 High-density SNP Genotyping Analysis of Broiler Breeding Lines
  • AS Leaflet-R2220 Effect of Dietary Salmon Protein Concentrate on Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens
  • AS Leaflet-R2222 A Survey of Commercially Available Broilers Originating from Organic, Free-range, and Conventional Production Systems for Meat Yield, Composition, and Relative Value

  • AS Leaflet-R2221 Effect of Dietary Salmon Protein Concentrate on Growth Performance of Weanling Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2223 2006 Review – ISU Swine Nutrition Management and Research, Ames, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2224 Growth and Performance of Nursery Pigs Fed Crude Glycerol
  • AS Leaflet-R2225 Energy Value of Crude Glycerol Fed to Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2226 Nutrient Analysis of Iowa Grown Field Peas for Swine Feed
  • AS Leaflet-R2227 Dietary Inclusion of Colicin E1 Prevents Post-weaning Diarrhea in Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2228 Decrease in Protein Level in Final Finishing Phase of High Lean Gain Swine
  • AS Leaflet-R2229 Triticale Fed to Finishing Pigs in Hoop Barns
  • AS Leaflet-R2230 Soybean Meal Inclusion Rate Effects on Odor Intensity, Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia in Commercial Swine Production Units
  • AS Leaflet-R2231 Understanding the Genetic Mechanisms Controlling Sow Longevity
  • AS Leaflet-R2232 Using Pig Genomic Sequence to Determine Underlying Mutations Affecting a Pig SSC17 Meat Quality QTL: New Developments
  • AS Leaflet-R2233 Use of Transcriptional Profiling and Assessment of Blood Parameters to Understand Biological Mechanisms Controlling Feed Intake and Efficiency in Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2234 Factors Associated with Sow Stayability
  • AS Leaflet-R2235 Impact of Gestation Housing System on Weaned Pig Production Cost
  • AS Leaflet-R2236 Sow and Litter Performance for Individual Crate and Group Hoop Barn Gestation Housing Systems: Project Summary
  • AS Leaflet-R2237 Drinking Behavior of Nursery Pigs for Oral Vaccine Administration
  • AS Leaflet-R2238 A Comparison of Intrauterine and Cervical Artificial Insemination Catheters on Farrowing Rate and Litter Size in Artificially Mated Sows
  • AS Leaflet-R2239 Characterization of U.S. Cull Sows
  • AS Leaflet-R2240 The Economic Analysis of Feeding Cull Sows to Heavier Weights
  • AS Leaflet-R2241 Contributions of pH and Intramuscular Lipid to Sensory Quality of Fresh Pork Loin

  • AS Leaflet-R2242 Update from Animal Science Teaching Section
  • AS Leaflet-R2243 2006 Review – ISU Beef Nutrition Research Farm North Dakota Avenue, Ames, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2244 2006 Review – ISU Beef Teaching Farm, South State Avenue, Ames, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2245 2006 Review Iowa State University Dairy Farm Ankeny, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2246 2006 Review – ISU Horse Teaching Farm Pammel and Stange Roads, Ames, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2247 2006 Review – Poultry Science Center, South State Avenue, Ames, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2248 2006 Review – ISU Sheep Teaching Farm, South State Avenue, Ames, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2249 2006 Review – ISU Swine Teaching Farm, South State Avenue, Ames, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2250 2006 Review – Animal Science Teaching Support Group, 3125 State Ave, Ames, Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2251 Dairy Production Immersive Knowledge Experience (D-PIKE) and Swine Production Immersive Knowledge Experience (SPIKE)