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Iowa State University

Iowa State University

Table of Contents


Animal Health
Animal Products
Companion Animal

Animal Health
  • AS Leaflet-R2252 Investigation of Bacterial Load in Multi-Species Laboratory Workspaces
  • AS Leaflet-R2253 Determination of Serum Sodium Salicylate Concentrations in Swine Resulting from Administration Through Water Medication Systems
  • AS Leaflet-R2254 Health Challenges in Midwestern "Niche" Pork Production Systems
  • AS Leaflet-R2255 Passive Immunization of Piglets Using Equine Plasma Containing PRRS Virus-Neutralizing Antibodies
  • AS Leaflet-R2256 Experimental Transmission of Necrotizing Hepatopancreatitis Bacteria to Post-Larval Litopeneaus Vannamei

Animal Products
  • AS Leaflet-R2257 Factors Affecting Oxidative Stability of Pork, Beef, and Chicken Meat
  • AS Leaflet-R2258 Consumer Acceptance of Commercial Natural and/or Organic Processed Meats
  • AS Leaflet-R2259 Effects of Vegetable Juice Powder and Incubation Time on Cured Meat Properties of Frankfurter-Style Cooked Sausages and Ready-to-Eat Hams
  • AS Leaflet-R2260 Effect of Pig Age at Slaughter on Fresh Pork Quality
  • AS Leaflet-R2261 Effects of Irradiation on Survival and Growth of Listeria Monocytogenes and Natural Microflora in Vacuum-Packaged Turkey Hams and Breast Rolls
  • AS Leaflet-R2262 Fate of Listeria Monocytogenes in Ready-to-Eat Turkey Breast Rolls Formulated with Antimicrobials Following e-beam Irradiation
  • AS Leaflet-R2263 Effect of Irradiating Shell Eggs on Quality Attributes and Functional Properties of Yolk and White
  • AS Leaflet-R2264 Packaging Determines Color and Odor of Irradiated Ground Beef
  • AS Leaflet-R2265 Round Muscle Profiling: Management of Tenderness and Sensory Improvement of Specific Muscles with Aging
  • AS Leaflet-R2266 Round Muscle Profiling: Influence of Aging on the Palatability of Specific Wholesale Round Cuts
  • AS Leaflet-R2267 Proteolysis, Calpastatin Activity, and μ-Calpain Autolysis in Specific Muscles from the Beef Round

  • AS Leaflet-R2268 Effect of Grazing Management on Cattle Distribution Patterns in Relation to Pasture Streams
  • AS Leaflet-R2269 Effects of Distillers Dried Grains Supplementation of Fall-Calving Cows or Calves Grazing Stockpiled Forage Over Winter on Performance of Calves in a Pasture- Based Finishing Program in the Subsequent Summer (Progress Report)
  • AS Leaflet-R2270 Distillers Dried Grains Supplementation of Fall-Calving Cows or Calves Grazing Stockpiled Forage During Winter (Progress Report)
  • AS Leaflet-R2271 Phosphorus, Crude Protein, and Digestible Dry Matter Concentrations of Forage Selected by Grazing Beef Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2272 Effects of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles Supplementation of Smooth Bromegrass Hay on Hay Intake and Digestibility
  • AS Leaflet-R2273 Fatty Acid Profiles and Content of Pasture- and Feedlot-Finished Beef Steers Supplemented with 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 Prior to Harvest
  • AS Leaflet-R2274 Effects of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 on Sensory Traits and Color of Beef from Pasture- and Feedlot-Finished Beef Steers
  • AS Leaflet-R2275 Use of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 to Improve Tenderness of Beef from Pasture- and Feedlot-Finished Beef Steers
  • AS Leaflet-R2276 Toll-Like Receptor Signaling in Bovine Macrophages Increases 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Production
  • AS Leaflet-R2277 Finishing Beef Cattle on Grass with Self-Fed By-Products 2006 Results
  • AS Leaflet-R2278 Evaluation of Feed Efficiency Testing Angus Bulls on a New Feed Intake Monitoring System
  • AS Leaflet-R2279 A Feed Intake Monitoring System for Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2280 Evaluation and Observation of Testing Feed Efficiency in Angus Seedstock Heifers
  • AS Leaflet-R2281 Beef Cattle Feeding in a Deep-Bedded Hoop Barn: Year Two
  • AS Leaflet-R2282 Progress Report: A Water Fountain Orientated Cattle Monitoring System
  • AS Leaflet-R2283 Progress Report: Projecting Weights Within Lot Scales
  • AS Leaflet-R2284 Factors Affecting Lot Low Choice and Above and Lot Premium Choice Acceptance Rate of Beef Calves in the Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity Program
  • AS Leaflet-R2285 Genetic Correlations of Fatty Acid Concentrations with Carcass Traits in Angus-Sired Beef Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2286 Performance of Finishing Steers Fed Low, Moderate and High Levels of Wet Distillers Grains
  • AS Leaflet-R2287 Value of Wet Distillers' Grains in a Cattle Diet Without Corn
  • AS Leaflet-R2288 Modified Distillers' Grain with Solubles Stored for an Extended Period in a Silo Bag Used to Develop Breeding Heifers
  • AS Leaflet-R2289 Evaluation of Bagging to Extend Storage Life of Wet and Modified Distillers' Grains - A Demonstration Project
  • AS Leaflet-R2290 Animal Performance, Storage Losses and Feasibility of Ensiling a Mixture of Tub Ground Low Quality Hay and Condensed Distillers' Solubles for Growing Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2291 Lick Tanks to Deliver Condensed Corn Distillers Solubles to Summer Grazing Beef Cows.
  • AS Leaflet-R2292 Evaluation of Mud Scores on Finished Beef Steers Dressing Percent
  • AS Leaflet-R2293 A Producer Survey of Feeding Corn Co-Products in Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2294 Pasture Supplementation of Distillers Dried Grains to Growing Heifers in Southern Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2295 Evaluation and Observations of Total Sulfur Intake with Corn Co-Product Diets for Feedlot Cattle

Companion Animal

  • AS Leaflet-R2297 Effects of Environmental Cold on the Preruminant Calf
  • AS Leaflet-R2298 Fat-Soluble Vitamin and Micromineral Concentrations in Preruminant Dairy Calves Fed to Achieve Different Growth Rates
  • AS Leaflet-R2299 Genetic Analysis of Fatty Acid Composition of Milk: Basis for Improvement of the Healthfulness of the U.S. Milk Supply
  • AS Leaflet-R2300 Antigen-Specific B Cell Responses of Vaccinated, Neonatal Calves
  • AS Leaflet-R2301 Use of Prevotella Bryantii 25A as a Probiotic to Reduce the Risk of Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Cows
  • AS Leaflet-R2302 Butter Composition and Texture from Cows with Different Milk Fatty Acid Compositions Fed Fish Oil or Roasted Soybeans
  • AS Leaflet-R2303 Joint Genetic Analysis of Conception and Maintenance of Pregnancy in Dairy Cattle Using a Linear-Threshold Model
  • AS Leaflet-R2304 Genetic Analyses of Days Open Using a Random Regression Model.
  • AS-Leaflet-R2305 Osteopontin Expression in Periparturient Dairy Cows Naturally Infected with Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis
  • AS Leaflet-R2306 Parturition Invokes Changes in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Populations in Holstein Dairy Cows Naturally Infected with Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis
  • AS Leaflet-R2307 Regulation of Periparturient Milk Composition in Jersey Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2308 Changes in Milk Protein and Amino Acid Composition of Dairy Cows in Response to Fatty Liver and Intravenous Glucagon
  • AS Leaflet-R2309 Iowa New Farms Project Update
  • AS-Leaflet-R2310 NE Iowa's Experience with Predictive Equation for Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ)
  • AS Leaflet-R2311 Western Iowa Dairy Alliance Reaches Milestones
  • AS Leaflet-R2312 Collegiate Dairy Career Opportunity Day and Dairy Tours Connects Students to Dairy Industry
  • AS Leaflet-R2313 BioEconomy Impacts for Dairy Animal Agriculture
  • AS Leaflet-R2314 Transforming a Milking Parlor at Low CostóDeveloping Dairy in Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2315 Teat End and Skin Conditioning Evaluation of Two Experimental Heptanoic Acid Teat Dips During Winter
  • AS Leaflet-R2316 Relationship of Subclinical Mastitis in Ghanaian Women and Breast Milk Intake by Infants
  • AS Leaflet-R2317 New ISU Dairy MOOves In and Ahead
  • AS Leaflet-R2318 Preliminary Evaluation of Separated Manure Solids Characteristics at the New ISU Dairy
  • AS Leaflet-R2319 Evaluation of a Novel Chlorine Dioxide Teat Dip on Teat End and Teat Skin Health
  • AS Leaflet-R2320 Teat Coverage Persistency of Novel Teat Dip Prototypes for Dry Period Mastitis Control
  • AS Leaflet-R2321 Characteristics and Use of Separated Manure Solids (following anaerobic digestion) for Dairy Freestall Bedding, and Effects on Animal Health and Performance in Three Iowa Dairy Herds
  • AS Leaflet-R2322 Characteristics and Use of Separated Manure Solids (following composting) for Dairy Freestall Bedding, and Effects on Animal Health and Performance in an Iowa Dairy Herd

  • AS-Leaflet-R2323 EEffects of Grazing Management on the Physical and Nutritional Characteristics of Pastures
  • AS Leaflet-R2324 Effects of Stocking Rate and Botanical Composition on the Physical Characteristics of the Riparian Zones of Pastures (A Progress Report).
  • AS Leaflet-R2325 Effects of Grazing Management on Selected Stream Bank Characteristics and Stream Bank Erosion
  • AS Leaflet-R2326 Environmental Conditions in a Bedded Hoop Barn with Market Beef Cattle

  • AS Leaflet-R2327 Subpopulations of Chicken Somatotropes with Differing Intracellular Calcium Concentrations Responses to Secretagogues

  • AS Leaflet-R2328 Gene Knock-Down in Chicken Immune Cells
  • AS Leaflet-R2329 CToll-Like Receptor Gene Expression in Cecum and Spleen of Chicks Challenged with Salmonella Enterica Serovar Enteritidis
  • AS Leaflet-R2330 GGenetic Diversity of the Antiviral Mx Gene in 14 Chicken Lines
  • AS Leaflet-R2331 Effect of Dietary Ŗ-Glucans on Growth Performance in Developing Chickens
  • AS Leaflet-R2332 Ideal Amino Acid Profile for 28-to-34-Week-Old Laying Hens
  • AS Leaflet-R2333 Metabolizable Energy Value of Crude Glycerol for Laying Hens
  • AS Leaflet-R2334 Maximum Dietary Content of Corn Dried Distiller's Grains with Solubles in Diets for Laying Hens. Effects on Nitrogen Balance, Manure Excretion, Egg production, and Egg Quality

  • AS Leaflet-R2335 Drinker to Nursery Pigs Ratio: Effects on Drinking Behavior and Performance
  • AS Leaflet-R2336 Drinking Behavior of Seven Week Old Pigs when Water is Either Withheld or Provided Ad Libitum
  • AS Leaflet-R2337 GPiglet Mortality in an Outdoor Farrowing Hut: What Behaviors Contribute to Their Demise?
  • AS Leaflet-R2338 Loading Gantry Versus Traditional Chute for the Finisher Pig: Effect on Welfare Parameters at Time of Marketing
  • AS Leaflet-R2339 Loading Gantry Versus Traditional Chute for the Finisher Pig: Effect on Transportation and Packing Plant Losses
  • AS Leaflet-R2340 Dietary Inclusion of Colicin E.: Effect on Pig Behavior
  • AS Leaflet-R2341 Removal of Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics from Nursery Pigs Diets: Influence on Behavior, Performance and Physiology
  • AS Leaflet-R2342 Scan Sampling Techniques for Behavioral Validation in Nursery Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2343 Validation of Scan Sampling Techniques for Lactating Sows Kept Outdoors
  • AS Leaflet-R2344 Validation of a Water HOBO and the Noldus Observer® for Visits to the Water Nipple Drinker for the Nursery Pig
  • AS Leaflet-R2345 A Comparison of Alternative Winter Farrowing Systems
  • AS Leaflet-R2346 Effect of Environmental Factors on the Frequency of Fatigued Pigs and Mortality Rates at a Commercial Abattoir
  • AS Leaflet-R2347 Gene Associations with Country Ham Quality, Quantity and Color Traits
  • AS Leaflet-R2348 Determination of Genes Associated with Leg and Body Conformation Traits in Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2349 Heritabilities and Genetic Correlations of Body Composition and Structural Soundness Traits in Commercial Gilts
  • AS Leaflet-R2350 Correlated Response in Fatty Acid Composition after Five Generations of Selection for Intramuscular Fat in Duroc Pigs
  • AS Leaflet-R2351 Direct and Correlated Responses to Selection for Intramuscular Fat in Duroc Swine
  • AS Leaflet-R2352 Genetic Parameter Estimates of Production, Meat Quality, and Sensory Traits in Duroc Swine
  • AS Leaflet-R2354 Feeding DDGS to Finishing Pigs in Deep-Bedded Hoop Barns
  • AS Leaflet-R2355 Energy Balance in Pig Production Systems: A Progress Report
  • AS Leaflet-R2356 Carcass Characteristics, Meat Quality, and Tissue Histology of Growing Pigs Fed Crude Glycerol-Supplemented Diets
  • AS Leaflet-R2357 Growth Performance of Growing Pigs Fed Crude Glycerol-Supplemented Diets
  • AS Leaflet-R2358 How Does the Addition of Gel at the Time of Vaccination Affect Overall Nursery Pig Performance?
  • AS Leaflet-R2359 Effects of Feeding Iowa-Grown Field Peas on Finishing Pig Performance
  • AS Leaflet-R2360 Reproduction, Culling, and Mortality Levels on Current Commercial Sow Farms
  • AS Leaflet-R2361 The Niche Pork Production Handbook
  • AS Leaflet-R2362 Efficiency of Niche Pork Production in 2006
  • AS Leaflet-R2363 Returns and Costs of Niche Pork Production in 2006
  • AS Leaflet-R2364 Effect of Feed Cost on the Economic Impact of PRRS
  • AS Leaflet-R2365 Economic Impacts from Increasing Pig Farrowing in Iowa
  • AS Leaflet-R2353 Designing Software to Locate Differences in the Shrimp Genome