4-H Livestock Resources

Pictured: Amy Powell assisting two studentsAmy Powell with 4-H students


Livestock skillathons are a great way for youth to share their knowledge of animals and learn in an experiential learning environment. Skillathons can be done in teams or as individuals and there are a variety of topics that can be covered in a skillathon. Some of these (but not all) include anatomy and breeds of an animal, feed used in an animal diet, wholesale and retail cuts of meat derived from an animal, and production and management of animals. Livestock studied in skillathons includes swine, sheep, poultry and beef.

Skillathons are great for youth because they also provide opportunities for problem solving and applied science reasoning. They expose youth to real-life production experiences and problems.

Youth from 9 - 19 can participate and not only do they walk away learning, but they also have fun!


All Resources are available through CyBox:


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