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Mah Jongg

Mah Jongg Steer and Show CrewThe 1925 International Live Stock Exposition Grand Champion Steer Mah Jongg from Iowa State. Pictured along with the steer is (left to right) Iowa State College Dean of Agriculture Charles F. Curtiss; (not known); H. H. Kildee, head of Iowa State College Department of Animal Husbandry and dean when Curtiss retired; John Clay, the Commission Man; E. N. Wentworth, the International Ringmaster; J. Egerton Quested of Kent, England, the judge, and George Edwards, the Iowa State College Herdsman. Note the spats on Curtiss and the English judge. That same year, the portrait of Dean Curtiss, who served on the original 1900 Board of Directors of the International Live Stock Exposition, was hung in the prestigious Saddle & Sirloin Club. The dean was a stock breeder on his 330-acre Rockwood farm near Ames. The judging team only placed fifth that year, however.