Animal Science sophomore receives award

February 27, 2019

Above: Yalitza Curiel holds a newly hatched chick. Yalitza assisted with chick processing at hatch which ensures these chicks will be off to healthy start in life and go on to become parents of our genetics colony.

Yalitza Curiel, a sophomore in Animal Science, was nominated by Farm Manager, Cameron Hall, for Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year.  All nominees will be recognized at the Student Employee of the Year Recognition Ceremony on March 5. Yalitza has worked with the poultry farm since her freshman year and says her experience at the farm has encouraged her to pursue a career in the poultry industry. She was even accepted into the Midwest poultry Consortium Center of Excellence as a Freshman. 

Hall says our farms exist to further our students education and be an extension of the classroom experience. With that said many of the farm’s rely on student labor to meet our day to day needs. It’s truly a symbiotic relationship we have with the students and it’s important we recognize those students who go above and beyond.

Congratulations Yalitza and thank you for all your hard work.