Animal Science Students Complete Specialized Poultry Training

June 28, 2017

Center of Excellence BanquetIowa State University represented well at the 2017  Midwest Poultry Consortium Center of Excellence Banquet and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, June 20th.   

Animal Science students that attended were:  Jessica Menke,  Dannielle McCorkel and Victoria Mason. Dannielle McCorkel completed her final summer for the program and received her certificate of completion for all 18 credits of poultry science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

These students will have poultry industry internships this summer at the following businesses:

  • Dannielle McCorkel will work for Hy-Line International which is a layer genetics company.  
  • Jessica Menke will work in Turkey Hatchery Iowa for the Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults 
  • Victoria Mason will work for  Gold-N-Plump which is a broiler company
    in Minnesota

The Midwest Poultry Consortium Center of Excellence Program offers students a chance to receive 18 credits of research-based poultry science education split between two summers. This program supplements students home institutions which do not have many poultry credits. It is supported by industry, hosted by UW Madison and staffed by faculty from many of the member universities including Iowa State University.   Tuition is free but students also must commit to poultry industry internships which the Center of Excellence program helps secure for the final half of their summer.