ASAS/ADSA Midwest Meetings bring students awards

March 20, 2019

Animal Science graduate and PhD students brought home some awards following the American Society of Animal Science Midwest meetings held in Omaha Nebraska last week.

Krysten Fries-Craft ,  a graduate student that works with Dr. Elizabeth Bobeck was awarded first place in the M.S. student oral presentation on he work with mice and how alfalfa supplementation impacts the immune system and microbiome before and during a health challenge.

Mohmmad Al-Qaisi   received the Young Dairy Scholar Award. Mohmmad is a PhD student working with Dr. Leo Timms and Dr. Lance Baumgard. Mohmmad's research has centered on the development, evaluation and validation of an alternative cost effective dairy heat stress model using an electric heat blanket. His work was the first proof of concept of this technology and resulted in similar Heat stress changes as both natural and experimental heat stress models.

Gabrielle DiRusso  received second place in the undergraduate oral competition. Gabrielle studies under Dr. Stephanie Hansen. Her presentation revolved around relative bioavailability of copper from copper glycinate fed to growing beef steers.

Qingyun Li received the 2019 Young Scholar Award. This is one of the most prestigious awards the ASAS section and ADSA branch award to students. Qingyun was a PHD students of Dr. John Patience and currently works as a swine nutritionist at Cargill Premix and Nutrition in Brookville, Ohio.

Sam Gerrard, Undergraduate student won the undergraduate oral competition. He studies with Dr. Nick Gabler. His presentation title was Impact of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Challenge and deoxynivalenol on intestinal integrity.