B&B Clean-Up Day a huge success

April 17, 2018

This is the first year that Block and Bridle planned a volunteer day where B&B members had the opportunity to give back to the teaching farms and department by volunteering their time and energy to assist with doing some spring clean up at the farms and Kildee hall. Around 60 students traveled to the Dairy Farm, Swine Farm, Ruminant Nutrition Farm and Kildee hall grounds.

At the Dairy Farm students gave the parlor a deep cleaning from power washing floors to wiping down walls. This area is visited by many people throughout the area and is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8-5.

A group of students cleaned the viewing areas of the swine facilities. They also painted benches that will be utilized in the viewing rooms for tours with young visitors to have a better opportunity to see the facilities.

Ninteen students broken into four teams performed work at the Ruminant Nutrition Farm. Team one (with some help from the farm cats) cleaned and organized the feed storage room. Team two fired up the power tools as they sanded and painted the cattle squeeze tub in the working building. Team three gave the small cattle barn a face lift by cleaning, organizing and pitching dumpster loads of junk. Last but not least, Team four employed strong backs and elbow grease to dismantle and salvage boards, remove gates and cleanup an inoperative cattle barn. Everyone was in good spirits in spite of the weather!

Volunteers put their ponchos on and ventured out into the pouring rain, snow and sleet to help spruce up Kildee hall grounds. With pitchforks and rakes in hand, students applied mulch to the various beds outside of FB Pavilion and on the entire south side of Kildee. There was also a crew on the inside that washed all of the tables, chairs and benches from top to bottom. This is all in preparation to make our grounds look beautiful for upcoming summer orientations.

A big thank you to farm managers, faculty, staff and students for their help with this initiative.