Beef Teaching Farm Sells Bull at Beef Expo

March 3, 2017

The ISU Beef Teaching Farm sold a Simmental  Angus Bull that was an ET (Embryo Transfer) son.  The EPD or Estimated Progeny Difference, was as follows: top 10 percent of the breed for calving ease, top 10 percent for birth weight and top 15% of breed on maternal calving ease.  

A commercial producer from Chariton, Iowa purchased the Bull for $3500 which was over the average sale of around $3400 of the other eighty bulls that sold that day. Teaching Farm Manager, David Bruene says "This is the  first time in 8 years that the Teaching farm has sold a bull at Beef Expo and we are happy with the sale. The Beef Teaching farm retained 50 units of semen for on-farm use."  

The picture below is of the bull  and (L-R) David Bruene, Justin Utt, Wayne Eads