Academic Advising

Transfer Student Advisor Kelsey Powell and studentThe Department of Animal Science at Iowa State takes great pride in being one of the only major universities to continue to have faculty academic advisers. What does this mean for you as a student? Instead of having advisers that have never worked in the field and do not know class content, we have those actually teaching the courses providing guidance for your future career. This provides you with an expert in your field, with experience in your field, to ensure you make the class choices that fit your interests! Maybe you would like to switch your major or add a minor? They can help you with that too! Our advisers will make sure you meet all the requirements to graduate with a major in a field you enjoy.

Changing Your Adviser

If you would like to request an adviser change, please email

Include the following information:  Subject Line: "Adviser Change"  Body: List your current academic adviser and list three choices for your new academic adviser**

**Each academic adviser has a limit on the number of advisees he/she can accept. If your first choice is unavailable, we will move on to your second choice. If your second choice is unavailable we will move on to your third choice. You will be notified when a new adviser is assigned or if all three of your selections are no longer accepting new advisees.