Computer Labs

Kildee Hall Computer Labs

Computer Lab


Rooms 124 and 001 of Kildee Hall


Room 124 Hours 8am -5pm, M-F

Room 1 Hours 8am - 10pm M-Th and 8am-5pm Fri

The lab will be locked all other hours or for maintenance

Lab Rules:

No Food and Drink

No smoking

Scheduled activities have first priority

No animals other than service animals

The student computer labs received 50  new Dell Desktops as of fall 2017.  These machines have the 2017 Iowa Board of Regents specifications which include 16GB of RAM and a solid state drive.

If you experience issues in the computer labs, please submit a ticket here.  

The computers are equipped with the following software:

  • Adobe Design Premium  
  • Microsoft Office 
  • JMP
  • SAS


Sign Ons:


Directions for Printing

Assuming that you used your NetID and password to logon, the computer knows who you are. Print charges are automatically posted to your print subsidy supported by your student computer fees. Print procedures will vary with the program. If you did not use your NetID and password to logon, the papercut client should ask you for a valid ISU NetID.  If a valid NetID is not provided you will not be able to print.  

Other Notes on Printing:

  • Print usage accounted using PaperCut
  • Single Side Black & White print $ 0.05 campus standard with 40% duplex discount for multiple pages
  • All students receive 500 units; AnS, Dys, and GenPV students recieve 2500 units
    • Additional units funded from departmental CAC allocation
  • Additional units are charged to your U-Bill
  • More info on PaperCut.

Directions for Forwarding email