Dairy Farm

The ISU Dairy Farm is located on 27 acres at 52470 260th St. in Ames, three miles south of central campus. There are close to 400 dairy cows and another 400 heifers and around 35 students are employed to help operate the farm.  

The Dairy farm opened in the fall of 2007 and currently ship 29,000 lbs of milk each day to Prairie Farms.  The milk can be found in your local Midwest grocery store.  Sustainable farming is practiced at all of our farms.  This starts at the dairy farm with the manure handling system.  The manure handling system separates the solids which are used for animal bedding and compost used on campus, and the liquid portion is stored in a 2 million gallon tank that is emptied a couple times a year.  The contents are used as fertilizer for ISU farms. 

ISU Dairy - November 22, 2021

2x milking (7:30 am, 7:30 pm)

340 cows in milk:
321 Holstein (94.4%), 19 Jersey (5.6%)

132 1st (38.8%), 112 2nd (32.9%), 96 3rd and later (28.2%)

Last test 11-18‐21:
75.8 lbs/cow (8.8 gal/cow @8.6 lbs/gal, or 36.4 liter/cow @ 2.272 lbs/liter)
4.3% fat; 3.4% protein
82.0 std 150d milk

Rolling herd average:
24,917 lbs milk (2897.3 gallons, 10,967.0 liters)
1046 lbs fat; 820 lbs protein

1.8 spc; 107 days open
12.7 mo calving interval

420 cows; 491 heifers



52470 260th Street, Ames, Iowa 50014

Map of ISU Dairy Farm via Google Maps