Dairy Science Club Donates Ice Cream to Local Organizations

July 28, 2020

AMES, Iowa – The Dairy Science Club at Iowa State University recently donated 2,200 cups of their homemade ice cream to three local organizations. When the 2020 spring semester at Iowa State University was moved to an online format due to COVID-19, the club had to discontinue their weekly ice cream sales to students and faculty on campus.  Rather than let the ice cream go to waste, the club decided to donate it to community organizations in need during these unprecedented times. The club was able to donate all 2,200 cups of ice cream to the Iowa State University Food Pantry, Salvation Army of Ames, and Food At First of Ames. 

“With all the extra ice cream left in our freezers, the Dairy Science Club felt that the best option was to donate it. In today’s circumstances, we understand that food banks all around Ames are in need of food, and what better treat to provide the Ames community with than cold, delicious ice cream during the hot summer months,” said Cynthia Hamlett, Dairy Science Club President.

Dairy Science Club members learn valuable food safety and dairy processing skills as they mix, store and sell their own, homemade ice cream during the school year. Annual ice cream sales are one of the club’s largest fundraisers as they sell their product to students, staff and faculty on campus. The club also supplies ice cream for on-campus events.

The club’s mission is to promote fellowship among students and faculty at Iowa State University who are interested in the dairy community, as well as to establish contact between students and professionals within the dairy industry in order to foster the development of the dairy industry. The Dairy Science Club is able to achieve their mission through their ice cream sales as well as other service-oriented events they participate in throughout the year including STEM education nights at local elementary schools, volunteering at Food at First in Ames, and hosting a Youth Dairy Coalition event.

To learn more about the Dairy Science Club at Iowa State University check out their website: https://www.stuorg.iastate.edu/site/170/ice-cream-sales

 Ice cream donation to food pantry   Ice cream donation to food pantry 2

Photos: ISU Food Pantry staff members help load ice cream into their refrigerated truck for delivery to local organizations.



Tayler Reynolds

Dairy Science Club Public Relations Officer