The Department welcomes Ruminant Nutrition Farm Manager

January 19, 2018

Greg Messerschmidt

Greg Messerschmidt is the Department of Animal Sciences' new Ruminant Nutrition Farm Manager. Greg was born and raised in Adel, Iowa and grew up on a small farm and spent most of his childhood working oncow/calf farms and feedlots around the neighborhoods and helping with harvest. He attained a BS degree in Agricultural Studies from ISU then started work in the precision ag industry. Greg then moved to Ohio State University to begin work for the Vet School in the Veterinary Preventative Medicine Department. This department focuses on heard health and was contracted to supply veterinary services and consulting to the Ohio prison farm system. OSU Veterinary Medicine hired Greg to work within the department and before long he was fully managing the program responsible for ten different farms consisting of cow/calf, feedlots, and dairy farms. He worked there for seven years also focusing on manure issues and helped acquire funding for new facilities. He took a lead role in acquiring 12.5 million dollars from the state to help improve the farms.


Greg is excited about the opportunity to come back to his alma mater and thoroughly enjoys working with students and teaching. Greg says one thing that he is very passionate about is getting to know the commodity groups and people in the industry as he would like to continue to build the positive relationship that ISU Department of Animal Science has with these groups. He says "I'm thrilled to be back in Iowa and working for ISU. I look forward to being part of research that helps improve our great industry and continuing to build the great reputation of the ISU Animal Science and Ruminant Nutrition Farm” 


Greg's wife, Caitlin Wiley, works at the ISU Vet School as a Veterinarian in large animal reproduction. They live in the country by State Center, Iowa and currently run a small cow/calf heard and do some embryo work.