Dog Agility Trials

June 2, 2017

Mary Healey with Dog CarisThe Cyclone Country Kennel Club (CCKC) Dog Agility Trials took place at the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center over the weekend. The Cyclone Country Kennel Club was originated to provide classes and services with the quality and standards maintained by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and its licensed or member clubs throughout the United States.  CCKC is located in Ames and some of the ISU Department of Animal Science faculty and staff are involved.  

Co-Chair for the event and Dairy Farm Data and Activities Coordinator, Mary Healey, entered her 9 year-old Australian Cattle Dog, Caris, into the trials.  Caris and Mary have been competing in agility for 2 years.  Mary says " We will be at the Excellent level, in the Preferred class.  If he completes the course with no faults and under the standard time with a qualified score then we will be one leg toward a title and could go on to compete in championships.  The dog agility trials are free entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.  The Jeff and Deb Hansen Center arena provides the perfect venue for an event like this."  

Dr. Elisabeth Lonergan, Animal Science Professor, is also a member of the agility committee for the club and says that there will be at least 150 people competing at the Agility Trials and competitors come from all across the Midwest and some from southern states.  She goes on to say "This event is a great way to showcase the ability of dogs and handlers to work together.  Agility is a fast paced event that requires the dogs to take direction from their handlers and to navigate a wide variety of obstacles.  It requires the handlers to be able to strategize the best, most efficient way to direct their dogs around a numbered course.  Every course is different, so competitions test the handlers ability not only to train the dogs, but to think quickly.  You will see a wide variety of dogs and people competing."