Equestrian Hunt Team Competes at Notre Dame

November 6, 2017

The Iowa State Equestrian Hunt Team competed at Notre Dame for the last show in their regions season. They compete on flat and over fences hunt seat within IHSA. Horse's names are drawn out of a hat for each rider so that you are only judged on your capabilities as a rider and it's all about the luck of the draw. This was a fabulous show for the team!

Team Members and Placings: 

Hunt Team Notre Dame Show Summary 


Elizabeth Smith and Mallory Young 


Abby Wylder: 2nd & 6th on flat

Ashley Janssen: 4th & 5th o/f, 2nd & 6th on flat

Caitlin Fjeld: 3rd & 4th o/f, 3rd & 4th on flat 

Caty Elgin: 3rd & 6th o/f, 4th on flat 

Danielle Jen: 2nd & 5th o/f, 2nd & 5th on flat

Else Protzko: 2nd on flat 

Kaitlyn Chantrey: 3rd in both flat classes 

Mara Resop: 1st & 3rd on flat