Experiential Learning with ISU Animal Science

April 27, 2017

Dr. Curtis Young with students

There is hands-on learning everywhere at ISU but especially within the Department of Animal Science.  The fifty-six students in Dr. Curtis Youngs Animal Science 229 Sheep Science class learn about flock health management and have the opportunity to trim sheep hooves, determine age by looking at teeth, score body condition  (how much weight the sheep holds), palpate udders to look for tumors or scar tissue, collect fecal samples (look for eggs of internal parasites) and take samples to test DNA for parent identification and genetic resistance to diseases.

Dr. Brad Skaar with students

Over 70 undergraduate students enrolled in the ISU Beef Cattle Science class took the day to visit Summit Farms in Alden Iowa.    Hosted by Feedlot Manager Adrian Meyer and Business Development Manager Mitch Baum, students were guided on a tour of the numerous confinement and open lot feedlot operations that comprise part of their integrated beef cattle enterprise.    Students learned a great deal about cattle procurement, feeding, health management, environmental stewardship, and the distinctions of feeding cattle in total confinement.   Dr. Brad Skaar of Iowa State University leads the course.