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Equine Courses

Course descriptions can be found in the Iowa State Course Catalog here

Course Number Course Title
AnS 116 Practicum in Safe Horse Handling and Welfare
AnS 216 Equine Science
AnS 217 Equine Farm Practicum
AnS 306 Equine Evaluation
AnS 313 Exercise Physiology
AnS 317A Equine Behavior and Training (Halter Breaking)
AnS 317B Equine Behavior and Training (Yearlings)
AnS 332 (Equine section) Reproduction Lab
AnS 415 Equine Systems Management
AnS 475E Horse Judging Team

The horse teaching farm is also utilized during AnS 101, AnS 332, academic quadrathlon, 4-H Round up, Master Equine Manager and other outreach programs as well as Block and Bridles LNA showmanship contest. Farm tours are given frequently to visitors, prospective students and the public.
Horses are critical to the teaching process, especially with more Animal Science students from non-farm backgrounds and/or non-livestock farms. Allowing students to have contact with animals and exposing them to management techniques is a great experience and is the principle purpose of this farm.