Finding New Ways to Educate Virtually

August 21, 2020

Iowa State University professor in swine genetics, Kenneth Stalder, recently spoke on an international webinar and found it to be an effective teaching opportunity. Virtual learning is becoming a tool for all ages and professions. 

Stalder said, “I think the COVID-19 issues are teaching us new ways to deliver our message and to recognize that we can be successful in educating others without having to travel. It was a really neat evening.”

Stalder spoke during the DSM sponsored Swine Webinar Series on Gilt Development and Selection for Improved Reproductive Success along with Joe Hahn, a technical nutritionist for DSM. The webinar was hosted by Feedstuffs and was broadcast widely with 258 registrants from 14 different countries participating. 

DSM sells vitamins and minerals to the livestock industry, in addition to products for human consumption. This event was part of a monthly seminar series sponsored by DSM as an effort to reach out to their customers during the pandemic. With the ongoing struggles in the swine industry in Asia from the African Swine Fever, the need for replacement gilts has been high. DSM wanted to educate those in the industry on gilt development and selection to help producers be more profitable. The audience of this webinar included producers, technical service providers and veterinarians.

Following Stalder and Hahn’s presentation, they had 40 minutes of questions with many more interested in follow up questions. It was clear that the audience was engaged and absorbing the information even though it was presented in a virtual format. Stalder said, “The virtual format worked amazingly well, and it was impressive that they were able to have that kind of reach.”


A recording of this presentation is available here.