Graduate Student Spotlight: Victoria Wilson

March 24, 2021

Victoria Wilson is a Master’s student in the Department of Animal Science studying monogastric nutrition. In her home state of Missouri, she received her Bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Victoria chose to continue her education at Iowa State because of the animal science program’s strong industry connections and research opportunities. Victoria is currently researching the interactive effects of enteric inducers of oxidative stress on growth performance, digestibility, intestinal permeability and morphology, and oxidative stress biomarkers in nursery pigs. “I love the animal work and analyzing the data I collect.” It’s the most exciting part of her research experience.

Outside of pursuing her Master’s degree, Victoria is Miss Rodeo Missouri 2021. She began riding western disciplines at eight years old and competed in her first rodeo at 17. Since then, Victoria has been an active barrel racer inside and outside of the rodeo scene and competed and placed in multiple Miss Rodeo pageants before winning her current title. Participants were judged in five categories: appearance, personality, horsemanship, speech and a written test on equine science and Miss Rodeo America knowledge.

Throughout the year, Victoria will travel nationally representing professional rodeo and sharing her passion for the sport. Victoria’s favorite part of her reign is the ability to meet people from different backgrounds. “New people are the most exciting part of this,” she said. Victoria is a firm believer that meeting new people is the best way to learn and understand others. “Getting to know who they are and where they come from is so special.” Victoria is also excited about her opportunity to manage a platform and help introduce more suburban and urban areas to the sport. To conclude her reign in December, Victoria will be competing in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo.

Victoria encourages students to branch out of their comfort zones. “Don’t be afraid to try new things.” She grew up in a suburb in the St. Louis area and is the only one involved with agriculture and rodeo in her family. Trying new things has ultimately led her to graduate school, agriculture and rodeo involvement. “Try new disciplines, new species, new research, etc. Try it all!”

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