Hot Dog!

May 27, 2016

Dogs are everywhere at the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center this weekend.  The Cyclone Country Kennel Club of Ames is hosting a dog agility trial today, Saturday and Sunday.  

"This is a free event which is open to the public and anyone is invited to watch the dogs run"  says Val Hims, Cyclone Country Kennel Club member.  The trial is a timed competition with two different courses:  Jumper with weaves and a standard course with contacts.  

dog agility courses

According to Val, the competition is for fun and there are individuals from all over the US participating.  "Most of them are members of the American Kennel Club with purebred dogs but the AKC is now allowing mixed bred dogs".  Val says the dogs that compete in this need to be trained prior to competing  and it takes a minimum of 1-2 years.  There are 3 classes of competition:  Novice, Open and Excellent or Masters.  Novice is for beginners where a certain amount of time is allowed as well as a certain amount of errors to complete the course.  Open allows less time to complete with more obstacles and less errors.  Excellent/Masters allows no mistakes and within a qualifying time.  

dog with owner

Once you have gotten your master's level in both the jumper and standard courses you can compete for a mach - which is an agility champion.  Val says " We love having this event because people from all over the US can connect and what better place to host it than the Hansen Center.  It is the perfect venue for our event!"  The Hansen Center is located at 2508 Mortensen Road in Ames.  For more information call 515-294-4950.