Iowa State Fair 4-H Champion Animal Meat Viewing

August 28, 2015

Exhibitors and their families, buyers, representatives from Iowa Foundation for the Advancement of Agriculture ,  ISU meats judging team students and faculty attended to view the carcasses of the state fair champions.   They learned about how the different species used various factors to determine the value of the carcass.  Steer, heifer, lamb, hog, and goat meat cuts were available for viewing.  To see the 2015 carcass and historical data, click here.

Dr. Morrical talk to patrions at Meat Viewing

Dr. Dan Morrical talks to attendees, faculty, staff, buyers, and exhibitors at the Meat Viewing on Friday, August 28.

Dr. Olsen talks to patrons a the Meat Viewing

Dr. Sherry Olsen explains how carcasses are graded.

Patrons viewing the carcasses

Attendees viewing the carcasses.