ISU Livestock Judging Team Providing Innovative Educational Experiences for All Audiences

July 15, 2020

New educational opportunities were provided by the Iowa State University Livestock Judging Program. Coordinating with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, program leader Dr. Chris Cassady and assistant coach Will Taylor hosted a four week livestock judging training for adult learners to become more proficient in coaching a youth livestock judging team. The weekly webinars covered multiple topics intended to assist livestock judging coaches in Iowa and throughout the United States. Forums included two hour sessions on how to initiate a program and recruit students for a team, evaluation techniques of all livestock species, practice resources and assessment of learning outcomes, and coaching for success in oral reasons.  The program was able to target 89 coaches from 13 different states. Ninety-nine percent of participants indicated they would implement what they learned into their judging program, while 65% of participants stated they gained new knowledge.

The Iowa State University Livestock Judging Team also hosted the very first online beginner livestock judging camp. Nearly 90 youth from 17 different states logged in to learn about the benefits of competitive livestock judging, how to judge, setting up a notebook for questions and reasons, and were even able to evaluate classes online with one-on-one interaction from current judging team members. The camp was the very first ever offered of its kind, targeting novice students ages 8-13. Campers received a digital Iowa State University livestock judging manual and ISU Beginner Camp T-Shirt. This camp is the first part of a 3-part judging camp series to occur over the summer. Part two is scheduled as an ongoing workshop for intermediate ages and will be open from July 1-15, showcasing videoed livestock classes from the ISU teaching farms. Part 3 will be for advanced judges and is tentatively scheduled for August.

For more information on the upcoming Part 3 of the livestock judging camp, please stay tuned and visit the Iowa State University Livestock Judging Team Facebook page for registration updates.