Midwest Dairy Association Sponsors Dairy Day at ISU

March 27, 2017

Iowa State University and Midwest Dairy Association worked together to provide a Day of Dairy on Thursday, March 23.  The event was geared towards ISU students but was open for others to attend.  The day started with a dairy farmer in an interactive presentation and discussion in Dr. Stephanie Clark’s Food Science class on Dairy Issues and Controversy, on life running a dairy farm, on farm practices, sustainability, and dairy issues and questions ,

The late afternoon- evening session encompassed a hands-on, drive through interactive tour of the ISU Dairy farm.  Participants were able to learn about practices at the farm and how dairy products get from the farm to our plate.  Dr. Leo Timms helped to coordinate this tour.

After the tour participants enjoyed dinner at the farm with lively discussion regarding dairy issues.  There was a career panel of people who work in the dairy industry and it allowed students to ask questions and be involved.    Dr. Timms said "This is a great way for students to share with us.  It's really an opportunity for us to bring dairy issues and discussion of dairy to the classroom and allows us to hear what's on their mind." 

(Pictured below: Dr. Leo Timms with students) 

Dr. Leo Timms