National Western Meat Judging Contest Results

January 23, 2017

Meat Judging Team 2017

The 2017 Iowa State University Meat Judging Team placed 7th in the National Western Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest hosted by JBS in Greeley, CO. There were 20 teams and 155 students competing.  In the divisions the team placed as follows: 5th - pork judging and total placings, 6th - beef grading and overall beef, 7th - reasons, 8th - lamb carcasses, and 9th - beef judging and specifications.

Austin Lanphier, New Sharon, finished 10th in total placings; Taylor Wulf, Hudson, finished 9th in overall beef; and Beth Zuber, Marengo, finished 9th in pork judging. Annika Johnson, Hartford; Stephanie Martin, Vincent; and Drew Wilson, Delhi, complete this team. The team is coached by Sherry Olsen; Michaella Fevold, Story City; Rachel Wynn, Bedford, IN; Laura Yoder, Kalona.

The next contest for the team is the 39th Annual Iowa State University Meat Evaluation Contest held on February 11, 2017.