New computers for student use have been installed in Kildee Hall

August 5, 2016

Computer Lab Rooms 1 and 124 have new computers for student use. Forty-five Apple mac minis with I 7 processors, 16 Gigs of RAM and running Microsoft Windows will be replacing all the older computers in Lab 1 and 124 this summer.  The new computers will be ready for use before August 22.  Systems Support Specialist III, Ken Toft, says the older computers will be redistributed throughout the building for student use. The Animal Science Department has a computer committee and this committee has a plan to replace the computers in Kildee hall every five years. The fees to cover the cost of the computers comes from student computer fees which is part of school tuition. 

The computer labs are open 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. Lab 1 is open 8 to 10, Monday through Thursday. For additional questions regarding the computer labs or if you have a computer problem please contact Mark Hawley or Ken Toft at then click ANS help Desk.