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Dairy Records Management and Iowa State University!

Dairy Records Management LogoProviding superior dairy management information systems to our customers is our mission statement, our business and our passion.

Dairy Records Management Systems grew out of a connection with the ISU Dairy Extension Service as far back as 1957. Originally called Mid-States DRPC (Dairy Records Processing Center), they processed dairy data collected by Extension personnel. As computer usage grew, Mid-States developed software for data processing called Electronic Barn Sheet (EBS). In 1996 the center joined forces with the processing center at North Carolina State University and became Dairy Records Management Systems.  Today, there is an office of 35 employees housed at North Carolina State University and 7 at Iowa State University, within the Animal Science Department.

Ethan MyersIn addition to data processing, DRMS develops computer software for on-farm data entry (PCDART), as well as applications for tablets and cell phones (PocketDairy). Software developers create cutting-edge tools while support analysts educate users and provide technical support. Frequent feature updates for PCDART and PocketDairy, as well as interfaces for automated milk recording and heat monitoring systems, assure that our software is compatible with industry changes. Those utilizing DHI data processing services have access to nearly 100 report options, ensuring a customized option for every need and allowing producers to make the most informed, cost-effective decisions possible.

Dairy Records Management has been noticed for their efforts.  In 2011, PocketDairy was awarded the Top Ten Most Innovated Product by Dairy Herd Management.  In 2015, the World Ag Expo named Vet Check Maxx the Top 10 New Product of the year.  Also in 2015 the Heifer Genetics Monitor won the Innovation award for that year.  It is no wonder that DRMS processes Dairy Herd Improvement records and provides on-farm records management for nearly 75% of the producers in the US.

DRMS is governed by our 22 member cooperatives and embodies a true non-profit organization’s purpose: provide superior benefits and products at minimal cost. Data for approximately 2.1 million cows from 13,000 herds across 47 states flow through our processing center on a monthly basis, making us the largest volume dairy records processing center in the U.S.


The picture to the right shows a producer using PocketDairy, a phone application that is used to track information about cows.  For example, a producer can pull up the cow, by tag number, and know if she is due for immunizations or needs to be artificially inseminated.