Alumni Spotlight: Lexi Ammann

Lexi AmmannLexi Ammann graduated from Iowa State University in May of 2018 with her B.S. in both animal science and agricultural and life sciences communication option. Lexi is from Dewitt, Iowa, and was actively involved in many clubs and organizations during her time at Iowa State, including the National Agri-Marketing Association. She was also part of the National Junior Swine Association, where she served on the junior board of directors as Vice-President, the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow club, and Block & Bridle, where she held the office of President her junior year. Lexi also took advantage of the impressive study abroad options that Iowa State offers and completed four trips during her college career. 

Lexi pointed out that coming from a small high school, she had a to overcome challenges such as learning how to prioritize her schedule, studying for her classes and adjusting to the large class sizes. She finally reached out for help from her advisor, Dr. Jodi Sterle, and tutors, knowing that they could help her get on the right track. By simply reaching out, Lexi became more successful in her classes and became a well-managed student. 

Sterle was also Lexi’s favorite professor because she always pointed out that there is just as much learning, if not more, to be done outside the classroom as there is in the classroom. She encouraged Lexi to set herself apart and make herself memorable, which is something that helped her a lot when she stepped out of college and into her career.  

Lexi is currently a supply chain associate for The Maschhoffs, a family-owned hog production company out of Carlyle, Illinois. She is responsible for scheduling all wean pigs and transportation of feeder pigs to finishing barns. She pointed out that she is working with logistics every day, and many factors such as the weather, present new challenges daily. Last year, Lexi faced what has most likely been the pork industry’s most significant challenge thus far when the pandemic hit the country, shutting down many of the packing plants. Lexi pointed out that no one has ever had to deal with a challenge as enormous or devastating to the industry before. Lexi is proud to say that The Maschhoffs had the space and assets available to work through the challenge without being forced to implement mass euthanasia of pigs. Lexi enjoys that she is able to continue learning and growing within her job as each day presents new and unique challenges.


Lexi’s advice to students:

“Never stop learning, get outside of the classroom and ask questions and make those connections because they will help you when you least expect it.” “Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling in college. It’s not an easy transition but you don’t have to do it alone.”