Alumni Spotlight: Remy Carmichael-Wyatt

Remy Carmichael-Wyatt graduated from Iowa State University with her Ph.D. in animal science in 2019. Before her time at Iowa State, she received her B.S. in animal science from West Texas A&M University and her M.S. in Meat Science from Texas Tech University. Remy chose to complete her Ph.D. at Iowa State because of its research opportunities and to experience the diverse agriculture industry outside of Texas. Currently, she works as a Research Scientist in Ruminant Nutrition at ADM.

At ADM, she uses her nutritional knowledge to collaborate on research ideas, theories, and study design. Remy keeps up to date on industry events and trends through reading, company webinars and trainings to correctly analyze business decisions. She helps determine if product ideas are feasible and if it makes fiscal sense to test them. She also uses current trends to inform product development ideas and modify current products to perform better. Remy credits Iowa State for helping prepare her for this role by providing a solid foundation of knowledge and training.

“I was able to go in-depth with nutrition through my three research trials at the Beef Nutrition Farm and two metabolism trials at Kildee Hall.” Remy’s favorite classes, AN S 618: Vitamins and Minerals and AN S 670: Molecular Biology of Muscle, translate into her current role. “I work with trace minerals often, and when formulating diets and products for feedlot cattle it’s important to know how nutrition decisions will impact the end product.”

Remy encourages students to be involved. Currently, she is a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the American Dairy Science Association, and the American Society of Animal Science. “Meet a lot of people while you can and you’ll be able to call on those relationships later in life when you have a challenge.” She also advises students to grow by stepping outside of their comfort zones. “Step out of your box – even when others question it. It will help you look at things with a different perspective.”