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Senior Spotlight - Andrea Carrasquillo-Dávila

Andrea Carrasquillo-Dávila will be graduating from Iowa State in May 2021 with her bachelor's degree in animal science. Throughout her time at Iowa State, Andrea has found a way to balance 18 credit hour semesters, a job at the beef teaching farm, as well as being a member of the Iowa State women’s soccer club. She also finds time to be an active member of the Puerto Rican Student Association, all while being 2,000 miles away from her home and family in Humacao, Puerto Rico.

When asked how she decided to continue her education at Iowa State University she said it was a simple decision after she visited the campus in May of 2017. She enjoyed the staff she spoke with from the department and fell in love with campus during her visit. She described the Iowa State University as “one of the most open spaces to anyone and everyone.” Andrea also appreciated the opportunities Iowa State University provided her with, such as scholarships and hands-on work experience at the teaching farms.

“Andrea has been a really fun student to have with her life experience coming from a small cattle operation in Puerto Rico. It has been interesting to watch her see the differences and learn about the US beef production system. Andrea’s work ethic is second to none. Her drive to consistently learn as a student, employee and individual is exciting and makes her great to work with every day,” said David Bruene, beef teaching farm manager.

Andrea was studying abroad in New Zealand when the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to return home. Wanting to stay in New Zealand longer she explored many options, but found that if she did so her insurance and return flight would no longer be covered. Andrea reluctantly returned home but was determined to complete her courses in New Zealand. She accomplished this by logging in and participating in her study abroad courses remotely in real time whenever possible.

She also had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Veterinary Experience for undergrad students where she able to work alongside the managers of the Iowa State teaching farms and veterinarians in the College of Veterinary Medicine. She explained that it was an invaluable experience that allowed her to see both sides of the animal health industry, both on the farm and in the clinic. Andrea also had the honor of receiving the Dr. and Mrs. M E Ensminger Scholarship after she was nominated by a staff member in the Department of Animal Science.

Her favorite class so far during her time at Iowa State was AN S 331 – Domestic Animal Reproduction with Dr. Curt Youngs. Andrea plans to continue her education here at Iowa State in hopes to be accepted into the veterinary program.

Andrea’s advice to incoming students:

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and develop relationship with professors because they are going to be your greatest allies.”