Student Spotlight - Emilee Petersen

Coach Nikki Ferwerda, Meredith Behr, Makayla Johnston, Alexis Patinos, Sarah Stewart, Caitlin BrownSenior Emilee Petersen is no stranger to time management. As a full-time student in the animal science department, serving as a Teaching Assistant, working three jobs, and being a member of the Iowa State Dance Team, Emilee has learned how to manage her busy schedule and balance academics with her activities.

Growing up in Ankeny, Iowa, Emilee was always interested in the fields of math and science and had a love for animals. After working as a kennel assistant for a veterinary clinic, she knew she had found her passion. Going into her freshman year at Iowa State, Emilee was unsure of her choice to major in animal science, but the more classes she took, the more she loved what she was learning about and wanted to continue her education in the field.

Being on the dance team for the past four years, Emilee has perfected how to manage her time and work around a big schedule. With practices four to five times a week and having to be at most all football and basketball games, at times she questioned if being on the team was worth it. However, she enjoys being busy and gives credit to her organizational skills in helping her stay involved throughout her college life.

Emilee’s favorite class was Animal Science 331 - Domestic Animal Reproduction with Professor Young. She enjoyed learning about animal reproduction and wants to breed her own litter of dogs someday. After graduation, Emilee is hoping to attend veterinary school here at Iowa State.


Emilee’s advice to other students:

“There are times that it will seem difficult, but it all ends up being worth it in the end.”