View From the Bull's Eye - Dr. Robert Walton

Bob Walton autobiographyAnimal science alumnus Robert (Bob) Walton, '61 PhD, recently finished volume one of his autobiography, View from the Bull's Eye. Dr. Walton is grateful for his time at Iowa State and or the influence of so many here. We continue to be thankful for the scholarships Bob provides our students in memory of his late wife, Janice; his brother, Chuck; his friend, Dr. Tom Sutherland; and his graduate professor and renowned animal scientist, Dr. Jay Lush.

Dr. Robert Walton is a retired CEO and Chairman Emeritus of American Breeder Service (ABS). He implemented progeny testing of dairy bulls and developed a mathematical formula for evaluating bulls that revolutionized the dairy cattle genetics industry, which was subsequently adopted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dr. Walton promoted the use of frozen semen to make quality genetic material available to producers in remote locations, which led to the development of artificial insemination training schools across the country.

Dr. Walton has invested in Iowa State University by creating an endowed undergraduate scholarship for students in animal science with an interest in genetics. Walton’s philanthropic gifts are in the memory of family and friends, including his late wife, Janice Graning Walton, who he met at Iowa State; his brother Chuck Walton, who had a successful career in professional football after being a member of the Iowa State football team in the early 1960’s; fellow graduate student and internationally honored educator, Tom Sutherland; and graduate professor Jay Lush and his wife, Adaline. 

Bob is now 90 years old and still living on his own at his farmhouse. If you would like to send him a note, please reach out to get his contact information from Bobbi Jo Smith, senior director of development with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.