2022 NSIP Sale

The Iowa State University Sheep Teaching Farm has continued its tradition of attending the NSIP Center of the Nation Sale this year in Spencer, Iowa. NSIP is the National Sheep Improvement Program whose objective is to provide genetic evaluations on heritable traits in the form of estimated breeding values (EBVs). The numerical values associated with EBVs allow producers to make informed breeding decisions that can best suit their operation. We pride ourselves on producing terminal sires for commercial producers that add growth and carcass merit to their progeny.

This year the Iowa State Sheep Farm sold three rams at the in-person NSIP sale at the end of July. Iowa State’s own K012 was the top selling Hampshire ram this year who sold for $2,500. His elite genetics allowed him to excel, being in the top 2% of the breed for weaning weight, post weaning weight, and carcass plus. K007 wasn’t far behind as he was in the top 2% for post weaning weight and top 5% for weaning weight. At the end of the day the three rams we brought to the sale averaged $1,350.

We are grateful for the support of the buyers as well as the NSIP program for supplying a database and platform, through which sheep can be marketed that make a positive genetic contribution to the industry.

Iowa State ram for 2022 NSIP sale