Department of Animal Science hires Tanner Volkmann

Tanner VolkmannTanner Volkmann will be a new addition to the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University as the manager of the new Stanley L. Balloun Turkey Teaching and Research Facility upon his graduation. Volkmann is a current Iowa State animal science student, scheduled to graduate with with his B.S in May of 2022. The Stanley Balloun Turkey Teaching and Research Facility is the latest cutting-edge research facility and is set to open in the summer of 2022. This facility was made possible by the Iowa turkey industry and allied partners.

“With this being the only turkey facility of its kind at a major university in the country, Iowa State will continue to attract top tier students that are interested in agriculture. I expect the possibilities with this new building to be endless. Iowa State will continue to stay on the cutting edge of research of innovation with the help of this building. It will give many students an opportunity they may not have gotten elsewhere. It will prepare them with the knowledge, skills, and interest in the industry for them to go out in the workplace and be successful. That is what is important for me to help foster with my new position here,” Volkmann said.

Volkmann brings a variety of experience to the table including all aspects of turkey production, laboratory work, management experience with Mazen Animal Health, as well as managing his own Red Angus cattle herd.

Iowa State associate professor Elizabeth Bobeck was able to have Tanner work in her research lab as an undergraduate student. Bobeck said, “Tanner started working for my lab group after he took Animal Science 223 - Poultry Science. Tanner has worked for my lab group ever since. He is reliable, driven, and has a passion for agriculture. He will be an asset to the Dr. Stanley Balloun Turkey Teaching and Research Facility and I am thrilled to see him move into this new position upon graduation.”