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Iowa State University hosts 42nd Sausage and Processed Meats Short Course and Wurstfest

The highly anticipated 42nd Sausage & Processed Meats Short Course had 61 participants from 16 states and 5 countries outside of the U.S. (Canada, Germany, Japan, Philippines, and South Korea).

The course covered fresh sausage, cooked sausage and dry and semi-dry sausage in addition to sectioned and formed cured meats and whole muscle precooked meats. A special feature presentation on specialty sausage products was presented.

There were 39 speakers that included Iowa State faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students as well as people from 14 companies (12 were Iowa State alumni) and 2 other academic institutions.

The course used a hands-on approach to meat process­ing and covers topics such as basic meat science, spices and flavorings, thermal processing, casings, dry and semi-dry sausage, bacon processing, injection systems, ingredient innovation and more. Participants were divided into teams to formulate and manufacture their own processed meat product.

Enrollment for this course is limited so partic­ipants have ample opportunities to interact with speakers and staff and ask questions. Iowa State Univer­sity’s Meat Laboratory allows participants to observe demonstrations and gain hands-on experience with the latest technology.

The short course concludes with the Wurstfest reception that features a wide variety of food to sample including various meat products as well as the meat products created by the short course participants. 

During the Wurstfest reception, several Processed Meat Short Course Scholarships were awarded. The Klaus-Peter Kreibig Scholarship was awarded to Caroline Downey, the Erwin Waters Scholarship was awarded to Jacob Manternach, and Steve Eaker Scholarship was awarded to Kayla Hospodarsky.

2022 Iowa State SMP short course scholarship winners

Scholarship winners from left pictured with Joe Cordray: Caroline Downey, Jacob Manternach, and Kayla Hospodarsky. 

In celebration of long and impactful careers in meat science, Bruce Armstrong (Lifespice Ingredients) and Joe Sebranek (Distinguished Professor of Animal Science, Morrison Endowed Chair in Meat Science) were both recognized for their retirements. Bruce spoke at Iowa State University Short Courses for 35 years and Sebranek spoke at the short course his entire 47-year career at Iowa State University.

2022 Iowa State SMP retiree recognition

From left: Bruce Armstrong, Joe Cordray, Terry Houser and Joe Sebranek

If you are interested in attending this short course or others in the future, please check out