Steibel accepts Lush Chair for Animal Breeding & Genetics position

Juan SteibelDr. Juan Steibel is joining Iowa State University in August 2022, as a Professor in the Department of Animal Science. Steibel will serve as the Lush Chair for Animal Breeding and Genetics, a position honoring Jay Lush. Lush was a prolific researcher, graduate mentor and outreach educator during his career as a professor of animal breeding in the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University from 1930 to 1966.

Steibel was most recently a Professor in the Departments of Animal Sciences and Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University. He brings extensive research experience in developing and applying statistical and computational methods to analyze genetic, molecular, and phenotypic data to make better selection decisions in animal production systems.

Dr. John Lawrence, animal science department interim chair, said, “Our department is honored to have Juan Steibel add his expertise to our faculty team. We feel this hire will carry on the tradition of Jay Lush as a global leader in breeding and genetics.”

Most of Steibel’s applied work has been in relation to swine breeding and swine production systems, but he has also applied it to other domestic and wild species.

 “As the J. Lush Chair in animal breeding and breeding and genetics, I will primarily work on the phenomics and genomics of behavioral and performance traits in pig production systems with the goal of simultaneously improving profitability and societal acceptance of swine farming. I also plan to collaborate on similar research focused on other livestock and poultry species conducted at Iowa State University,” Steibel said.

"In addition to traditional animal products, modern farms can deliver complex data streams that, through proper modeling, will advance animal breeding, facilitate animal management and increase social acceptance of animal farming practices. I want to work with my colleagues at Iowa State University to make this concept a reality."

The Department of Animal Science is excited to announce the addition of Steibel, who will continue the legacy of Jay Lush and animal breeding and genetics at Iowa State University.


Jay Lush is considered the father of modern animal breeding. Lush's influence on animal breeding around the world has been enhanced greatly by the wide distribution of his class book, Animal Breeding Plans. Many of today’s animal breeders around the world can trace their academic pedigree back to Iowa State University (see pedigree link). More details on the history of Jay Lush can be found here: