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Abstracts Presented at Society for the Study of Reproduction, 2024, Ottawa

Iowa State researchers at the SSR annual meeting in July where 13 abstracts listed below were presented from the Ross, Kerns and Keating groups. 

  • Both Heat Stress and Zearalenone Exposure Affect Ovarian JAK-STAT Signaling in Pre-Pubertal Swine. Crystal Roach, Edith J. Mayorga, Jason W. Ross, Lance H. Baumgard, Aileen F. Keating
  •  Diet-Induced Obesity Alters the Oocyte Response to a Genotoxicant Exposure. Kelsey Timme, Aileen F. Keating
  •  Impact of Obesity on Hepatic Abundance of Xenobiotic Biotransformation Proteins in Dimethylbenz[A]Anthracene-Exposed Mice. Imaobong Inyang, M. Estefanía González-Alvarez, Emma Johanns, Aileen F. Keating
  •  Altered Abundance of mRNA involved in Drug Metabolism in Inguinal Adipose Tissue in Lean and Obese Female Mice During Exposure to Dimethylbenz[A]Anthracene. Christian Haffner, Jaspreet Rishi, Aileen Keating
  •  ATM inhibition increases follicle loss in DMBA-exposed mice. Society for Study of Reproduction annual meeting. Jaspreet K. Rishi, Aileen F. Keating 
  •  Metabolites Involved in Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome Altered in Sows Suffering from Postpartum Dysgalactia Syndrome. Jamie Studer, Zoe E. Kiefer, Lucas Koester, Erika Johnson, Lance H. Baumgard, Stephan Schmitz-Esser, Laura L. Greiner, Aileen F. Keating, Attila Farkas, Lucina Galina Pantoja, Kimberly A. Vonnahme, Jason W. Ross
  •  Circulating Biomarkers and Trace Minerals in Sows with Differing Risk for Pelvic Organ Prolapse During Late Gestation. Zoe Kiefer, Zoe E Kiefer, Jamie M. Studer, Jason W. Ross
  •  Sperm Zinc Efflux and Overall Capacitation Rate is Affected by Bicarbonate Concentration in Bull Sperm In Vitro Capacitation Media. Kourtney Jimmerson, Karl Kerns
  •  Identification of Distinct Proteome Differences Between Fresh and Cryopreserved Bull Spermatozoa. Alexandra Keller, Emma Keller, George Perry, Karl Kerns
  •  Metabolism of Mammalian Sperm Capacitation. Tyler Weide, Ian Shofner, Alex Keller, Matthew Breitzman, Karl Kerns
  •  Cross-Species Sperm Proteomic Analysis for Human Male Fertility Model Establishment. Mubashrah Mahmood, Karl Kerns
  •  Sperm Biomarker-Reflected Health Status Differs by Morphology Classification. Laura Nataly Garcia Oliveros, Alex Keller, Kourtney Jimmerson, Emma Keller, McKenna Maus, Lindsey Jennett, Megan Johnson, Mellory Martinson Martins, Eneiva Carla Carvalho Celeghini, Karl Kerns
  •  Lipidomics of Mammalian Sperm Capacitation. Ian Shofner, Tyler Weide, Kourtney Jimmerson, Matthew Breitzman, Karl Kerns