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Alumni Spotlight: Cori Bates

CoriCori Bates has not been afraid to make a change when it comes to her collegiate and professional career. Hailing from Muscatine, Iowa, Cori entered Iowa State as a freshman in agricultural engineering. After sitting through her first class, she knew that she wanted to focus more on animals so she switched to animal science. Growing up on a small farm, showing livestock, and being involved in FFA is what brought her to Iowa State and kept her in agriculture. 

Cori graduated from Iowa State in 2019 and moved to Oklahoma as a manager trainee with a hog production company. She completed her training, and moved back to Iowa, where she spent time managing finishing barns, then moving to gilt development barns. After working for two years in hog production, Cori knew she wanted to make a change. Stemming from her interest with genetics, reproduction, and the company, she applied for a job with Trans Ova Genetics.

Now, Cori is a professional service embryologist and travels to farms around the Great Lakes region. She said, “I love being able to travel and see different operations. It is rewarding to interact with clients and help them improve their genetics.” 

cori batesCori says Iowa State prepared her for the current job role in multiple ways. She said the animal science classes helped teach her about the cattle and reproduction side of things, while her involvement in Block and Bridle and classroom interactions pushed her out of her shell to become less afraid to talk to people. She is most proud of being voted in as Block and Bridle treasurer and stepping into that role during her junior and senior years.

When asked if she had any advice for current students, Cori said, “Don’t be afraid to try new things. I didn’t start out in this job and didn’t think my career would go this way, but I am so happy it did.”