Alumni Spotlight - Michaela Gregorich

Michaela Gregorich enrolled at Iowa State University with her sights set on veterinary school. Growing up, she loved running around on her uncle’s farm, so it made the most sense to her to choose this path. But, as her time in college continued, she eventually decided that vet school was not meant for her. Instead, she followed her love for all of the classes she had taken with Professor Sherry Olsen and decided to dive into meat science. 

Michaela graduated from Iowa State in 2017 and obtained her bachelor’s degree in animal science with a meat science minor. She then worked in retail for four years managing a meat department in North Dakota. Now, a brand-new employee at Hormel Foods, she has the role of quality control supervisor. In this position Michaela, “Dots the ‘I’s and crosses the ‘t’s” for the products that Hormel is producing. 

When asked how Iowa State has prepared her for this role, Michaela answered, “The educational background I received was a great basis to build on. Learning how to balance my schedule and use time management was also huge for me because I do this every day for my job.” 

Michaela was involved in the Pre-Vet Club as historian and vice president. She is most proud of her efforts in hosting the National American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (APVMA) Symposium. 

Her advice to current students is, “Get really comfortable with being uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you need to.”